Pot Holes, Mud Ruts

Blow outs. Mire. Oncoming. Cyclists. Many the hazards. Jerk the wheel. A bent rim. Muffler shot. Slalom run. Swerve, sway, swing.  

Mind you these are split second decisions we’re discussing. What Would A Self Driving Car Do?  Here is my workable strategy for negotiating mud- charge the ridges, go, keep going, ride the humps, steer like baby chimp with a rattle. Bit of gas is our friend.  Some bogs better not to enter.

In asphalt craters speed is not an ally.  Cracked road tactics, look out early and often and don’t take a dive. Slip by like rounding a buoy.

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  • Road repair budgets should include tires for drivers

    “steer like baby chimp with a rattle”

    Pretty sure full self-driving mode includes this… or maybe that was a different ad I saw?

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