Changing Restaurant Landscape in Brattleboro

As reported early this week, The Tavern at the Colonial Motel will be under new ownership come May. There are also a few other restaurant changes in the Brattleboro area.

Gillies Seafood is closed and the windows are bare. This was a go-to seafood restaurant in West Brattleboro staffed by friendly people, with good food and seemingly big crowds not too long ago. They also featured a fish market next door.

Nearby, Sunny’s Deli (foremrly Ziters) was looking dark at lunch hour, usually a busy part of their day.

New downtown restaurants were doing a bit better. Fish & Chips & More (formerly Sarkis) was doing steady business selling fried fish, french fries, and falafels.

The Tulip Cafe (in the space vacated by Coffee Country) was packed with people, potentially pursuing crepes.

Top of the Hill Grill is open, as is the new bakery on Putney Road and the new pizza place at the Hannaford Plaza.

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  • And soon it will be time for

    And soon it will be time for the many, delicious food trucks that seem to spring up in the warm weather. And, Brattleboro Cheese and Cafe will (fingers crossed!) be re opening in the next couple of weeks at their new shop at 39 Main St. Also the ice cream windows at Chelsea Royal are open for the season.

  • My kids will be sorely disappointed...

    …they’ve been to Gillies a few times and it’s one of their memorable favorite places in W. Bratt. They had delicious fish stew. I wonder if it was the economy, or something more.

    So sad to see places closing. Good to see some new place, though.

  • best Bloody Mary in town

    Gillies had the best Bloody Mary in town, and beyond. Secret is horseradish. That’s a loss.

    Will we be seeing the Humble Kitchen this year? Anyone know?

  • Vegetarian Chinese!

    I would love to see a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in town, preferably downtown, and hopefully gmo-free.

  • Blue Moose Bistro

    Blue Moose Bistro is best kept secret in town! At least that’s what people say who eat there. W-Sat.

    • Another transformation

      The Blue Moose had been transformed again!

      I went in the other day and thought I had walked into the wrong building, in the wrong country. : )

      Rather than entering and seeing gifts and things for sale, there were tables and a small sign that said to please wait to be seated. Maitre D Paul was handing out menus. The room beyond, formerly filled with clothes and other products for sale, also had tables as well as a small, classy bar.

      The gifts remain, but are now between the front and rear eating areas. It looks great.

      Very similar menu with a few additions. It’s all table service – no more walking up to a counter. This changes it from a place to get some coffee and hang out to a more serious place to think about for lunch and dinner.

      • Wow...this is great news! I

        Wow…this is great news! I love their food and both Paul and Ken are very welcoming hosts -whether you’re there to dine or buy a gift. My only concern is that they don’t make too many changes too quickly- that is often the downfall of small cafes. I can’t wait to go now!

        • More consistent, I think

          This seems like a smart move. I think customers will have an easier time remembering that it is a restaurant with gifts for sale (rather than when it was part cafe for some hours, then part restaurant, and multiple stores).

          All the favorite sandwiches are still there, but the names have been dropped. You can still get your Vermonter and New Yorker under different monikers.

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