Brattleboro Cheese Shop Is Open (Again!)

After having to unexpectedly close for most of the winter, Brattleboro Cheese makes its triumphant return to Main Street!

The “little shop that could” reopened a few weeks ago, directly across the street from its old location.  Now you may find your favorite cheeses at 39 Main Street!

Brattleboro Cheese is the only full-service cheese shop in the area.  This means all of the shop’s fine Vermont, New England and imported cheeses are cut-to-order by friendly, knowledgeable individuals.  None of the cheeses are pre-cut nor are they wrapped in plastic.  This ensures the cheeses are sold at their peak quality, and customers are given the opportunity to try a cheese before they take it home.  Brattleboro Cheese’s selection is unique; in it you will find cheeses you may not even find in shops in big cities.  The owner, buyer and head cheesemonger at Brattleboro Cheese has worked in the industry for nearly 18 years and she is very picky.  If you are a cheesemaker and you’d like your wares to be included in the shop, please come in and ask for the Purchasing Director.  She is there every day.

Did you know Brattleboro Cheese serves Brattleboro’s BEST grilled cheese sandwiches?  Anyone who had them when the shop was open last year will tell you how delicious they are. All come on Red Hen Baking Company’s organic breads, baked fresh in Middlesex, Vermont.  Try them with the shop’s house-made pickles!

Brattleboro Cheese also offers an excellent array of high-quality hot and iced teas, most completely organic and fair trade. There’s also a nice selection of specialty food items and cheese and tea accessories.

If carbonation is your thing, come take a look at the shop’s drink cooler.  In it, you’ll find about 40 different regional, small-batch sodas coming from across the country and across the globe.  Currently, the cooler has drinks coming from New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York City, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Wyoming, Utah, Italy, England, and Colorado.

Come see the shop’s Bad Art collection, featuring mistakes, kitsch, and evidence of questionable taste sourced from the finest thrift stores, curbsides, and town dumps!  If you have some bad art to submit, please speak to the Acquisitions Director at the shop.  She’s there almost all the time.

It’s recommended you sign up for the shop’s email newsletter, which you can do by visiting the shop’s Website,  This will keep you abreast of special events — the shop LOVES hosting special events — new products, secret sales, etc.

Do you have a special event you’d like to have at the shop?  We do everything from book readings to catered dinner parties.  Call (802) 258-9909 and ask for the Special Events Coordinator.  She’s there pretty much all day, every day.

Upcoming events include a poetry reading, a book reading and a mix-tape swap.  Don’t miss out!  Come see the excitement, and the cute aprons, at Brattleboro Cheese.

The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 6pm.  Sundays from noon til 5.  Sometimes the hours are extended for special events and gallery walk.

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  • Cheese Nirvana

    Brattleboro Cheese Shop and Cafe is definitely one of the BEST things about living in Brattleboro! Awesome, friendly staff who know their stuff when it comes to guiding you to the cheese of your dreams; delicious sandwiches,some of the coolest sodas I’ve ever seen( my favorite is the excellent espresso soda- if you’re feeling really decadent you can add a scoop of Walpole Creamery’s vanilla ice cream!) Not to mention all the unusual cured meats, crackers, olives, etc that Wendy offers. One of my very favorite places in town! Welcome back Brattleboro Cheese! You were missed.

  • Location

    The new shop is much needed in this part of town – a nearby cheese shop recently closed. : )

    Welcome back to Main Street!

    (PS – add your link to the links directory)

  • Feeling a bit peckish?

    It’s the finest in the district!

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