Co-op Enters Mobile Marketing Arena

Daily Text Message Alerts Help Customers Save Money

BRATTLEBORO – The Brattleboro Food Cooperative announced today the launch of a mobile text messaging alert system that is designed to inform on-the-go shoppers of in-store sales and promotions.

Since May the Co-op has featured a different steeply discounted item everyday under the banner of “Wild Deal of the Day”. Now, consumers will be able to get these notices sent directly to their mobile phone. David Cadran, Shareholder Services Coordinator, said “The process is designed to be as simple as possible, just text the keyword to the phone number provided and you’re signed up.”

The move to mobile text message alerts follows the Co-op’s other forays into the increasingly important world of digital marketing. Recent endeavors include the creation of a Pinterest page and the ongoing redevelopment of the company’s website. “We value the opportunity to engage with our customers whenever possible”, says Sabine Rhyne, Shareholder and Community Relations Manager, “The ‘Wild Deal of the Day’ text service allows us to do that while conveying our message of whole living and great value.”

Persons interested in signing up for the company’s new service may text message the word “Wild” to 802-231-2001.

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  • And for those members who

    And for those members who perhaps don’t have smart phones? How do they find out about these “Wild Deals”?
    I wish they’d put this energy into lowering their prices overall.

    • Wild Deal Alert Alternatives

      The good news is that this service is available on all mobile phones, not just smartphones. In addition, we post the deals every morning on our Facebook and post signage in the store.


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