India Palace Closing, To Expand?

Last night Bunti from India Palace told my sister they are closing today. I had no idea! He said they’ll expand the store.

I really like the people there and will miss being able to get Indian food without having to cook it!  

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  • Bummer

    I have many happy memories of the Palace.
    They were so tolerant when our “baby” was (literally) a “rug rat” crawling around on the floor under the table. It was the first place we were able to go out with her, and later her picky eating ways did not deter them – they were always cheerful and helpful.
    It was also a great place to bring friends and relatives from out of town. The staff was always quick to slide 3 or 4 tables together to accommodate 10 or 12 people on no notice.

    I’m glad the family is staying and expanding the store. Downtown needs a grocery alternative to the Coop.

    • Paul -I have similar

      Paul -I have similar memories! I couldn’t believe it when Bunti remembered my infant nephew’s name every time we came in! And we brought my mom, who doesn’t get out much, in her wheelchair and they moved everything around to make us comfortable! They always remembered our usual order. On a rare occasion they didn’t get our appetizers out in time, and again it was rare, but we didn’t get back for more than 2 months and without saying a word, there were complimentary appetizers delivered to our table! This really is a loss for Brattleboro.

  • Brattleboro seems to be a

    Brattleboro seems to be a difficult place to run a restaurant/cafe. So many places have shut down over the past few months despite working really hard to stay open and make a living. Do people just not go out to eat as much? Does a restaurant need to be big and have a more “party like” atmosphere to succeed?
    For every place that’s making it (FireWorks,the Marina, Whetstone ) there are several smaller places trying to be profitable by adding more food choices (Blue Moose, Brattleboro Cheese Shop, the creperie ) and extending their hours.The food business is a tough way to make a living. It’s discouraging to lose yet another restaurant – especially one that offers ethnic food. Lots of places to get burgers and pizza in town, though.It would be so great to have more variety in this town.

    • I agree that based on the

      I agree that based on the restaurants that close in downtown Bratt, it seems like there must be an issue with making them work, but what Bunti told my sister is different. He said they couldn’t find the right help. He and his family members work 16 hours a day and the older generation is getting tired.
      I totally agree about the lack of “ethnic” food, and the availability of options. I really can’t get excited about eating out in Brattleboro. After living in cities all over the US, I’m used to having options, but Brattleboro is very limited. Too bad, far too many cultured people in this area to have such limited food selection!

    • Comestible Diversity in a Small Town

      Not being in the food business I don’t know what it’s like in other towns, but I would love to know if it isn’t pretty much like this everywhere.
      It feels to me like we still have a diverse restaurant base for the size of our town.

      There IS a lot of pizza. I see the delivery vehicles everywhere it seems, and that’s (along with the other fast food joints) clearly where the bulk of the prepared food dollars go.

      Never-the-less, that we have Mayan/Mexican (3 Stones); Korean (Shin La); Thai Garden; you can get Greek food here & there; 3 Chinese restaurants (or is it 4? There was just one till the 90’s); a good bakery or two; and 2 places that feature the riverside (Marina & Whetstone Station) and foodie cuisine.

      The India Palace closing does still leave a hole and the Common Ground’s niche has never been adequately filled.

      The glass is still half full to me.
      We have discovered the Blue Moose Cafe recently (and you did mention them too) and have been very pleased with the quality and price of the food (I’ve had pasta dishes both times and loved them). Dinner for two with a glass of wine and a bottle of beer and generous tip for $50. And the service was very prompt. One of our problems in town has been getting a meal before going to a movie or show and Blue Moose has been the answer (without a reservation).

      • A pity nonetheless

        I am sorry to have them go despite my mixed feelings about the place. I have had pretty uneven experiences at India Palace. The food has been mostly decent, but the service hasn’t always been. There have been more than a few incidents with surly servers and super slow response to our table even when the place was less than a third occupied. Once I found out I could read health inspection reports online my enthusiasm waned further.

        We had been going to the Indian restaurant in Keene at the airport, but they sadly closed last month as well.
        I miss the buffet Dhaba that used to be up on Putney Rd but was underappreciated. Long gone now and replaced by 2 lackluster places. Now Northhampton, Albany and Springfield are the nearest places I know about to get Indian fare. Let me know if there is someplace closer.

      • I think there are a few good

        I think there are a few good places to eat here in town ( I like Fireworks, Blue Moose, Humble Kitchen for lunch) but in terms of diversity in ethnic food Bratt is not very impressive.I’d love to see a Middle Eastern place open up again;(the fish & chips place selling falafel doesn’t count) we have no Italian restaurants any more; would love to have a good, reasonably priced vegetarian/vegan restaurant. It’s almost impossible to find any vegan food in town. As much as I like to support local businesses when I go out to dinner with friends we are more likely to head for Greenfield or Northampton. Especially if we want vegetarian or more ethnic cuisine choices. I am always surprised that there is no real deli here – I mean a place where you can sit and have a corned beef sandwich and wonderful dill pickles -not just a place to pick up a sandwich and a styrofoam container of coleslaw.I’m not sure that any town this size needs 4 Chinese restaurants or another restaurant that serves 50 kinds of beer. But that seems to be what we get. I wish whoever opens up the next new restaurant would be a little more adventurous. Ethiopian? A great little Mexican place that serves really good burritos? ( I like 3 Stones but sometimes I’d just like a delicious $6 burrito without all the fuss)

    • Equilibrium

      Another place in transition is Equilibrium. While not seen primarily as a restaurant, they’ve been serving some great vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free food in their cafe. They will be leaving their current Elm St. location soon, hopefully for a bigger and better presence in a more visible spot. Jake and Jessica a great folks who care about the community and have some great vision. Stop in and grab some lunch there and maybe chat with them about the coming changes.

  • The last time I went there,

    The last time I went there, the server balked because my friend and I only ordered appetizers, so I never went back.

  • Total bummer

    Wow. Lots of big loses for downtown Brattleboro. I lived in Cambridge, MA which (back then) was heavy with fantastic Indian fare, on every corner. But I always felt India Palace was really excellent and as good, or better, than several in Boston and Cambridge.

    Sometimes seems like the Best of Brattleboro is disappearing right in front of our eyeballs.

  • Another pizza place. Really???

    According to a story on The Reformers FB page Ramuntos (sp) Brick Oven Pizza will be moving into the former Bickford’s space. I guess it’s better than having an empty building but do we really need another pizza place? I’m thinking we don’t. As I said in a previous comment this town seems overrun with pizza shops and Chinese restaurants – we rally need some better choices in our restaurants here.

    • Another pizza place

      Actually, Ramunto’s will be a welcome addition in my book. Their pizza is second to none in this area. I am only too happy not to have to make special trips to Keene everytime I have the urge for a good hand-tossed, NY pizza.

      • As one of my many campaign promises . . .

        If elected, I promise to exert all of my power, to prevent any more thin crust pizzerias from being established, until there are at least two deep dish pizza joints within town limits. This may be unconstitutional, but surely it is for the betterment of humankind, or at least those humans who share my taste for cheesy deep dish delightfulness.

        That is to say, my preference is strongly against thin wisps of pizza.

  • Small town diversity

    I imagine it is very difficult to run any kind of specialty restaurant in Brattleboro. People seem to expect everything should be like it is in the city, even though they’re in a small town far from any city.

    Has anyone been to the German restaurant in Brattleboro?

    • German Restaurant?


      What is it called and where is it hiding?
      Have you tried it yet Maus? how was it?

      • German restaurant.

        I’ve been there a few times. It’s hiding in plain sight. Been there for years.
        The food is as authentic as any I ever had while living in Bavaria.
        Real Spätzle and Käse Spätzle, Goulashsuppe, Jägerschnitzel, Bratwurst, Rouladen.

        • Dalem's Chalet?

          Do you mean Dalem’s Chalet?

          • Dalem's Chalet

            Yes, I haven’t been there for about a year, but I’ve always enjoyed the German menu. Has anyone been lately? I’m always afraid it won’t be open the next time I want to go. Nobody in Brattleboro seems to know or care about it.

    • More choices would be a welcome change

      I lived in Boston for 35 years before moving to Vermont 5 years ago and I certainly don’t expect Brattleboro to be able to offer the choices that are available for dining out options that a city would. But, there could certainly be a little more diversity than there is now. There’s a reason why folks from Brattleboro drive to Greenfield and Northampton to have dinner. When I have company visiting I can only bring them to FireWorks or 3 Stones so many times. Be good to have some more options and not just more of the same.

    • German Restaurant

      Dalem’s Chalet in West Brattleboro has excellent food and the wait staff is wonderful. We’ve had friends come to visit and that is our go-to place, when it’s open.

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