Seeking Local Wedding and Party Businesses… For VFW

The Brattleboro VFW located at 40 Black Mountain Road sometimes hosts weddings and parties in their facility. I would like to start a binder of local businesses that are into the wedding or parties business… you make cakes, take professional photos, DJ, do flower arrangements, make decoarations, etc? Please mail your contact information to the VFW at 40 Black Mountain Road, PO Box 8233 Brattleboro VT 05304. Some photos of your work would be perfect too, along with contact information of satisfied customers.

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  • Who posted?

    I’m totally old-fashioned especially about e-stuff, but I tend to think a person who posts, saying “I would like to start a binder…” really ought to say who “I” is. The heading says “Not Signed In.”

    • I is.......

      Hello, DonInGuilford. I’m Lisa at the VFW. I am the I in question. Quartermaster and event coordinator at the VFW.

  • Thanks to Lisa for the Reply

    Glad to know there’s a person behind this! My “service” is probably not too relevant, as I imagine many of the wedding uses are receptions, not ceremonies, but I am one of a lot of Justices of the Peace in the area, Don McLean, of Guilford, and I do wedding ceremonies. Far as I know, but there may be others out there?, I am the only JP with a genuine Scots kilt, and I do offer to perform weddings wearing it. Thanks, Don

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