Uber “An Odyssey For Our Odyssey”

Hello to all,

It is with great pleasure to be a new member of the ibrattleboro community. Recently I relocated to Dummerston from Miami Beach, where I was driving for Uber full time. I now have almost 1,000 rides provided with Uber and over 1,200 rides with Lyft. I take pride in all I do, so I’m conscientious about your transportation needs. It will be a pleasurable experience and I am proud to say, I hold a 5 star rating. I have elected to assist other Uber drivers full time at providing transportation throughout the month of September.
I live in Dummerston and can serve the greater Brattleboro, Vermont and surrounding areas for your transportation needs to any destination including all airports or distances. Anyone interested in reserving a ride (now or later), simply upload the free Uber App using the Google Play Store App already on your Smartphone, link your Credit Card (it’s a safe link) for payment and enter your request. PLEASE NOTE: due to patchy Cellphone frequency and offline periods, you can also schedule your transportation request anytime up to 30 days in advance (highly recommended).
We will confirm with you and be their on time. If  you have no Credit Card or Debit Card, you may also purchase a Pre-Paid Uber card, available at local department stores such as Walgreen’s etc.. For a ride request and estimation of cost, simply open your Uber App and follow the easy to read prompts. Hoping to meet you soon and I look forward to providing your 5 star transportation needs…  Miami Driver, Sal


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  • Mtg this week

    You might want to attend the Brattleboro Selectboard meeting this week (Tues) – they plan to redefine taxi’s to include “vehicles for hire” such as Uber and Lyft, and will be voting on it. You can weigh in before they vote.

    New plan will require licensing and local regulation of all drivers. They didn’t talk much about if this applies to drivers driving through Brattleboro, or coming from a surrounding town….

    • reply, from Odyssey for our Odyssey

      Thank you for the invite, I’m not sure I have a tenure long enough to make a stand at the local town meeting. However, I do hope everyone reading this reply will understand that it really is not about Uber or its competitors… In reality! it is about the prosperity, the advancement, convenience and the safety of the community. I signed into Uber because, shortly after Hurricane Irma, in South Florida, I was laid off my job of 2 years. With nowhere to turn for immediate cash to support my family, I came across a advertisement offering a Hefty sign-on bonus from Uber and the competitor. My vehicle fit the criteria required to drive, so I was in… Now In some areas they provide vehicles for you to drive. You actually do not even have to drive your own car. They provide jobs for the community among many other things. These are jobs that can keep us away from the unemployment lines and keep us away from the state assistant lines and will save you taxpayer dollars by keeping us away or alleviate us from those lines. Think about it… they can provide jobs for you, your children, and their children. You don’t need a college degree, you only need to have a driver license to drive, Insurance, meet the age requirement and pass the background history check. They do all rest with the city’s and States you drive in.

      Please understand I am not a spokesman for Uber, however, can clearly see the positive effects provided by this service. It can help by preventing some people from taking to the wheel after a night out while inebriated by alcohol or whatever… “Please don’t drink and drive” call the Taxi or call Uber, we will get you home safely and save you as much as $10,000 in possible fines not to mention the hardship from having your vehicle towed away. Is it worth a $10.00 ride?

      They also provide Community Mobility, this service makes it so much easier and cost-efficient for all of us without vehicles to get out of our homes and go anywhere for the good of our soul, our health and prosperity. We can take you to your Doctor visits, or health specialist 200 miles away… no problem. We can take you to work and get you there on time. We can bring you home from the grocery store, by the way, “Uber Eats” also brings food from any restaurant signed in, right to your door step, no need to leave the house when it’s 20 degrees and snowing outside. It can take your family to the doctor or hospital in emergencies when there is no one else available or willing. In the month of July, I had a nice lady and her mom call me for a pick up because her husband couldn’t make it and her water broke, she was in Labor and new it was time… her Hospital was 12 miles away from her home, I thanked our lord from above.. he allowed us time to arrive before the baby came. Oh! and she gave me a 5 stars rating… lol. Now why she didn’t call the ambulance? I’ll never know! She didn’t tell me this until 5 miles down the road.

      The reason I like Uber Is because it allows me to be a better father for my children… With Uber or it’s competitor. You call your own hours. So you are free from work anytime you wish. So now, I can drive my children to and from school when necessary and bring them home from the after school sports without affecting my job. Even if I did not drive for Uber, I can use them to help me with picking up the children.

      • New requirements are costly

        You may want to go to that meeting tonight. It’s your last chance to argue against the new taxi rules.

        The new rules say that if you are a vehicle for hire, and are picking up anyone in Brattleboro, you must pay for a Vehicle For Hire permit, and a license, plus abide by Brattleboro rules and regs.

  • Local taxi service

    Brattleboro has a taxi service that appears to be quite active around town — Adventure Taxi, which operates out of the old taxi service’s spot on Putney Road. I’m not sure but it seems likely they’re affiliated with a Swanzey, NH taxi service also called Adventure…. Either way, I was pleased to see that there is still an actual taxi service in Brattleboro, because it’s needed.

    Sorry in advance to fans of global corporations sporting disruptive technology, but I really don’t like Uber and Lyft! Then again, maybe competition will drive taxi companies to provide the level of service people want out of them. As long as both types of taxi service are treated equally and subject to the same regulations, may the best service win.

    • Not the best adventure

      Adventure Taxi is definitely not a community Taxi like Brattleboro Taxi was. When you call for a taxi you get the office in Keene, NH; their wait times are often over an hour and their pricing is double what Brattleboro Taxi was.
      I really hope the town isn’t going to make it difficult or impossible for Uber or Lyft to operate here. If you don’t have a car or you can no longer drive you can become so isolated in this town. The busses only run until 6PM and not at all on Sundays; we have one bus per day heading north or south and one train that takes almost 8 hours to get to Boston. I understand the cons of a company like Uber but when you’re living in a town with almost no reliable transportation they are a vital link to being able to live a somewhat independent life. I hope those who are thinking of adding lots of regulations to these car services take a minute to think about what it’s like for those residents who can’t just walk out their houses in the morning and get in their car.

  • reply, from Odyssey for our Odyssey 2

    by the way! I give permission for my reply to be published anywhere or read at your town meeting

    Miami Driver, Sal

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