The Brookline Go-Getter Launches Just in Time for the Holidays

There’s a new business in town, but that Town is Brookline, Vermont. Living 25 minutes away from Brattleboro may not seem like an inconvenience, but life happens. Especially during the winter, living in a rural part of the state can be incredibly scenic, but not necessarily convenient. The Brookline Go-getter offers customers a new way to free up some time and have peace of mind. The goal here is to encourage folks to have more time to make memories and live, and focus less time on running errands and rushing around.

“I started this business because it’s a service I personally would want access to in Brookline. I’m a big believer in enjoying life and making memories. Running errands and rushing around every day makes that difficult.”, said Dara Carleton, owner. “I decided to finally take my eclectic background and put it to use. My work experience includes over 30 years of executive office work in settings from schools, to religious institutions, to real estate offices, and a municipality. I managed a private estate in West Stockbridge, MA for 6 years as well. I worked in a long-term care facility with children and taught public school in New York. I also have extensive pet experience to include caring for a sugar glider (an Australian flying squirrel!). I have a strong work ethic, and extensive experience with task management, reliability, and putting clients first. I’m your neighbor, and I’d like to help you enjoy your life a little more. Let me help you free up some time by taking some tasks off your hands.”.

The Brookline Go-Getter opened for business November 4, 2019 just in time for the holidays. They currently service the Newfane/Brookline area, Brattleboro, and a few outlying smaller towns as well. Tasks and errands their business provides includes grocery shopping for your holiday meal, picking up groceries for the week, mailing out care packages and greeting cards, picking up your mail, bringing purchased items over to a new mom or sick friend, going to the hardware store for you while you’re in the middle of a project, wrapping presents and mailing out cards for the holidays, purchasing and delivering host/hostess gifts, walking your dog while you’re at work, delivering flowers, bringing lunch or dinner to you from a restaurant in Brattleboro, bringing your trash to the dump, house sitting, appointment setting, and just about any errand or task you can think of that does not include transporting people. They are open Monday through Friday.

To learn more about services from the Brookline Go-Getter, you can visit their website, or email Dara directly at


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