A Quantifiable Asset

A small town may not have any special qualities over living in a large city. Many of the neighborly community senses found in Brattleboro may be elsewhere. A good deed here is likely universal and inherent in much of our day to day lives.

Recently, I dropped my bank card in the Brattleboro Post Office where it was found by a good person who promptly delivered it to TD Bank across the street. The best customer service is that which protects its patrons, even if it can be inconvenient at first.
The management policy would be to consider the card compromised even though the person who found it clearly had good intentions. Derrick, Terry and Leigha quickly took action and canceled the card.
The next day I noticed it was missing from my wallet when I was on Main Street so I went straightway to the bank to inquire. I was told notification was on the way, but Derrick and Terry, the bank officers, took action immediately to issue a new card with a new card number.
Thanks to the responsive bank personnel the new card was issued while I waited. The affair is a quantifiable asset, as I was never inconvenienced and appreciated the friendly help to replace the found card. With the quick action of the postal patron who found the card and TD Bank’s quick protective and replacement service, another story of goodwill in the community makes the rounds.

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