US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Plane

ISiS doesn’t have planes.

This is NOT good.

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  • Wars R Us

    These are the weapons of ISIS as of January 2016:

    Look people, it doesn’t matter anymore who has what to fight who.

    Humans have been intentionally and very profitably making war for a very long time. This human penchant for war will also follow us into space. And, there isn’t a goddamned thing anybody can do about it.

  • And the beat goes on...

    Early today (Monday), Russian officials threatened that U.S.-led coalition planes flying in Syria west of the Euphrates River, would be considered targets.

    It remains to be seen how Trump will handle this dangerous situation.

  • Shame on our Congressional delegation for supporting F-35 jets !

    RE: comment by tomaidh
    “Early today (Monday), Russian officials threatened that U.S.-led coalition planes
    flying in Syria west of the Euphrates River,
    would be considered targets.”
    RE: Vidda, “the weapons of ISIS” –
    My response: Isn’t the U.S.A. the number one seller of weapons and fighter jets?
    Even if they sell to a friendly country,
    that country might not be so friendly
    next week, or month, or year,
    and might re-sell them elsewhere.
    U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
    and U.S. Congressman Peter Welch have all promoted the F-35 strike fighter
    jets to be based in Vermont, which means that any conflict anywhere else in
    the world will prompt them to fly practice training missions all over Vermont.
    by JOHN LEICESTER, Associated Press
    …..Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet will crane necks with high-speed aerial displays,
    …. Defense contractors will be seeking customers
    for their latest high-tech weapons…..
    ….. the star will likely be the cutting-edge F-35 stealth jet fighter,
    which costs about $100 million each.
    Designed to creep up undetected on ground targets…..
    ….. the F-35 program could produce news about recent problems
    that grounded U.S. Air Force F-35s at a base in Arizona,
    after pilots reported symptoms of oxygen deprivation……
    ….. U.S. Air Force will use the F-35 to replace the A-10 and F-16…..
    …..There will also be drones for surveillance and intelligence-gathering.

    Cris Ericson would like to remind Vermont voters: taxpayers paid
    into the Treasury with their tax dollars,
    and then the U.S. Congress
    voted to give billions of tax dollars to the Pentagon,
    and then the
    Pentagon decided to give millions and millions and millions of
    dollars EACH to various defense contractors
    who invented things like
    the F-35 strike fighter jets.

    Under U.S. Patent Law, when
    you pay for work “made for hire” which seems to be the
    case when taxpayers pay for research, design and development
    of weapons systems, then under U.S. Patent Law, the
    taxpayers should own 50% of the profits from the sales
    of these defense weapons systems and F-35 strike fighter
    and their share of the profits should go back into the
    and not into the pockets of the mega-wealthy
    defense contractors;
    and also should not go into the
    pockets of U.S. Congressmen
    because the Defense Contractors
    hire Lobbyists who wine and dine the U.S. Congress people
    and U.S. Senators,
    and the PACs, political action committees
    of the Defense Contractors
    give huge donation checks to the
    campaigns of the U.S. Senators and U.S. Congress people,
    such as U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
    and U.S. Congressman
    Peter Welch,
    who have waived their checks from Lockheed
    Martin for the world to see,
    as pictured in 2014 in the
    Burlington Free Press,
    after which U.S. Congressman
    Peter Welch bold faced lied on
    and said
    he didn’t receive a donation from them.
    He should have
    dropped out right then and there for lying!!!!!

    I call that election fraud,
    and I have asked U.S. Senator
    Richard Burr,
    who is investigating 2016 possible election
    tampering by Russians,
    to also investigate all of my
    complaints of what I believe
    to be election fraud over the years.

    He probably receives a million emails these days, with
    all the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearings
    going on,
    but who knows,
    maybe my email will be picked
    with as much chance as a winning lottery ticket!

    Is it really “Russia” tampering in elections, or is
    it just good ol’ boy usual hanky panky?

    Cris Ericson 2018

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