Brattleboro Senior Meals Director Retires Update

Attached please find the following. A response to a concern to the article.

Regarding the article “Brattleboro Senior Meals Director Retires”. This article meant only to honor Chris McAvoy for her excellent leadership of the Senior Meals Program. In no way was the article meant to infer that we are not one hundred percent supported by Senior Solutions.

In 2004 a group of seniors, headed by Greg Propster and supported by Chris, determined – after a great deal of reflection – that Brattleboro Senior Meals should become an independent non-profit 501c3 organization. Beyond the program goals of providing area seniors with regular meals and a link to the larger community, the group wanted to keep their long-time kitchen help and keep their meals prepared on site. In addition, becoming a 501c3 allowed Brattleboro Senior Meals the opportunity to apply for grants and other fund-raising opportunities.

Brattleboro Senior Meals appreciates the ongoing support from Senior Solutions. That support, and with Cynthia Fisher as the new Director, means that the Brattleboro Senior Meals is able to continue to provide meals for our seniors during this very stressful time

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