10 Overdoses

According to Mark Carignan of the Brattleboro Police, officers have been at the scene of 10 overdoses in about 24 hours.

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  • Be careful, folks...

    10 seems like a lot, but I don’t know.

    Did an extra strong batch of something make its way into the community?

    • Vermont. Drug use anyone?

      No it’s just the effects of a state and society that condones drug use. The only problem is, living in such a Socialist society, I’m required to pay for the treatment of those who chose to destroy their lives.

      • If this higher than usual

        If this higher than usual number of overdoses was, in
        fact the result of a state and society condoning by drug use then wouldn’t we see this number of overdoses every day?
        Addiction is a recognized disease and as with any disease those afflicted are entitled to
        medical care. I’m guessing that in your lifetime you have been or will
        be treated for some illness, condition or injury that the rest of us, as taxpayers, will pay for.
        A little humanity and compassion goes a long way.

      • Get some responsibility

        Funny about the concentration, specifically with a variety of vices, -must be local tolerances drawing them to the area. I wonder how many are repeat offenders. What happened to “just say no”? Where have basic human values gone? Perhaps the fruits of social experiments coming to the surface, no gender, no family, no job, no religion, no cares, no education, it goes on! With no consequences to your actions this will never end. One can argue the consequences, but when you’re behind bars it just might sink in that it’s wrong to destroy yourself, family, friends, and taxpayers.

        • Creepaciousness without end

          Brattleboro doesn’t have a particular concentration of “vices” so falsely blamed on “local tolerances drawing them to the area.” Brattleboro is a small town where you can shine a light on anything one considers a vice. Look at the string of so-called vices here: “…no gender, no family, no job, no religion, no cares, no education, it goes on!” Apparently the hyperbole is the only thing that “goes on!”

          This is a classic case of overreaction that leads to generalities, assumptions and same old conservative lock ‘em up mentality …. It’s like throwing a blanket over everybody with no exceptions, with the idiocy of “just say no” and, it gets worse, suggesting the effectiveness of “behind bars” is a teaching tool (“sink in”) for behavioral changes is yet another false assumption that leads to more harm than it can possibly do good.

          Why are conservatives so inherently malignant inside and out?

  • Harm Reduction, anyone?

    A bare stat of “10 ODs” in 24 hours doesn’t have much detail. I can assume it’s related to the “opiod” crisis, but on face value only, which doesn’t say much.
    I’m so worn out living in a country with an 50 year antidrug culture that has done far more harm than good, that at best, I’m jaded and at the least, disgusted with Americans.

  • Two more overdoses reported

    Two more overdoses reported in the past 24 hours according to the news this morning. One from opioids – one from LSD. People still take LSD?

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