Brattleboro Storm Damage Report

At approximately 4:15pm a strong thunderstorm moved through the area with very gusty winds. The storm brought down numerous trees and power lines, mostly centered in an area of Putney Rd from the Veterans Bridge north to the town line.

The Brattleboro Fire Department answered 15 calls for assistance during and immediately after the storm, including trees and wires down, fire alarms and an odor of smoke. Areas that sustained tree damage as well as isolated power outages included but are not limited to Stockwell Drive, Black Mountain Rd, Kipling Road, Cedar St, Upper Dummerston Rd, Cresent Drive and several areas along Putney Rd. There was no property damage or injuries reported.

Green Mountain Power, Brattleboro Police and Brattleboro Department of Public Works all assisted at various locations.

The Brattleboro Fire Department would like to remind everyone never to assume a downed utility line of any kind is not energized. Play it safe, do not drive over them, touch them or try to move them, stay away and find another way around.

*** END***

Michael Bucossi
Fire Chief
Town of Brattleboro

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  • Thank You

    Chief and All

    Thanks for the quick and effective response that we have come to expect from our First Responders in Brattleboro and assisted by neighboring towns. We are indeed fortunate to have such dedicated and competent folks in our community.

  • In one store

    We were in the grocery store on Putney Rd just as it hit. The rain on the roof got louder and louder, we could hear the thunder, and the lights flickered. Shoppers continued shopping but everyone was looking a bit nervous.

    Boom. The lights went out. About10 seconds later, the generators kicked in and store lights and cash registers came back online. Freezers and coolers remained off for the time being, most likely to conserve generator power for a while.

    Amazing how fast the cash registers were working again. I was expecting a system reboot.

    After paying, we joined the crowd of people staring into the heavy rain, wondering who would go to their car first. Some daring souls went right away. Most of us waited for rain to let up a bit.

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