South Main Street Fire Press Release

Press Release

Date: March 22, 2018 Nature of call: Building fire

Address: 55 South Main St Time of Call: 11:33am

Type of Building: 2 ½ story Multi Family w/attached 2 story barn

Number of Alarms and Times: 2nd alarm @ 11:36am Under Control: 11:55am

Injuries: None Type:

Fatalities: None

Owner: Mary Rose LLC Brattleboro, VT

Brattleboro Trucks on Scene: 5 Brattleboro FF’s: 22

Assisting Agencies on Scene: Brattleboro Police, Rescue Inc, Brattleboro Highway & Utilities, Green Mountain Power

Mutual Aid Towns on Scene: 0

Mutual Aid Towns Covering Brattleboro Stations: Putney, Hinsdale, Guilford, Chesterfield

Action Taken: At 11:33am Central Dispatch received a call that there was a building on fire at 55 South Main St. A 1st alarm assignment of Engine 3, Engine 4, Ladder 1, Car 1 & Car 2 responded. Upon arrival of Car 2 at 11:36 Asst Chief Howard reported smoke coming from the structure and ordered a 2nd alarm be struck and reported that all occupants are said to be out of the building. During size – up it was found that attached to the rear of the house was a 2 story barn, approximately 70’ long. Upon the arrival of Eng 3, two attack lines were stretched to the rear of the building and the fire was quickly knocked down. A search was conducted of the 5 apartments to ensure there were no occupants and this was confirmed. The fire started in a common area on the first floor and extended into the adjoining wall and floor but was contained to this area. The cause of the fire was determined to be careless disposal of smoking materials, a plastic coffee container that was being used as a butt can. Damage was relatively minor, there were no injuries to either occupants or firefighters and the building was reoccupied. All Brattleboro apparatus was back in service 1:15pm.

Contact: Michael Bucossi

Fire Chief

Town of Brattleboro


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