Brattleboro Fire Department Named 2018 First Responder Service of the Year

The Brattleboro Fire Department is proud to announce that we have been named the recipient of the 2018 First Responder Service of the Year Award by the Vermont Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services.

The criteria for this award reads; This award is intended to recognize Vermont based and licensed EMS organizations for their excellence in operations and service to their communities.

  • Is currently a Vermont-based licensed first responder service at any level
  • Is active in local public education and or injury prevention efforts
  • Has demonstrated positive relationships with the community(s) served, EMS District Board.
  • Takes meaningful and visible steps to assure the professionalism of its personnel and quality of patient care provided
  • Has identified areas where quality improvement is possible and has taken steps in these areas”

In a communication from the VT Department of EMS; “The awards committee paid specific attention to the last two bullet points, noting that Brattleboro FD was an early adopter of SIREN Reporting System as a First Responder and has a high validation score and completion rate, and has opened their doors to inspections voluntarily. There were many fantastic nominees this year, but the committee truly felt that these were two meaningful areas of improving the health and safety of the community and showing leadership in the field”.

The presentation of the award will be made in Brattleboro on a date to be announced soon and we will be recognized for our accomplishment at the annual Vermont EMS and Healthcare Preparedness Conference at the EMS Award Convocation Ceremony in October at Jay Peak.


Contact; Michael Bucossi

Brattleboro Fire Chief

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  • Congratulations

    Congratulations and Well Deserved
    Appreciating you and the gift you are to our community
    Thank You

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