Things To Remember In Hot Weather

The Brattleboro area continues to be under a heat advisory as hot weather continues to have a grip on the region. The National Weather Service is forecasting much of the same through out the rest of the week and warn that heat and humidity will lead to dangerously high heat indices in excess of 100 degrees.

As we move through the rest of the week and temperatures remain high please remember that as long as the nights stay warm too your body does not have the opportunity to cool off and the risk of heat stress and heat-related illness increase. If you feel faint, weak, have excessive sweating or sweating has stopped or have muscle cramps seek medical attention at once.

Some important things to remember during any spell of hot weather;

  • Try to limit your time outside to early morning or late evening
  • Wear light colored, light weight clothing
  • Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water
  • DO NOT leave children or pets in a car, even for the shortest of time. Temperatures rise very quickly inside a vehicle, even with the windows open.
  • Check on your neighbors, and especially the elderly.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you or someone you know needs assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the Brattleboro Fire Department at 254-4831.

Contact; Michael Bucossi, Fire Chief

Town of Brattleboro

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