The 2020 Census and Second /Seasonal Home Ownership

Instructions for Second Home Owners

Second home owners should know they must respond to the Census – once for each home they own. Please use the following instructions to complete the survey for each house that you own.

1. Go to and enter another form once you have completed the survey for your primary residence.

2. In the address location, where it *specifically* says, “Where were you living ON APRIL 1?” disregard that instruction about the date, and put in the seasonal/second home address.

3. When it asks how many people live there, enter Zero.

4. At this point, the system wont believe this, and it will ask again. Once more, confirm that it is Zero. It will then ask “why?” and will provide some choices to pick from (ie, Business, abandonned, seasonal, etc.)

5. Choose “seasonal” AND THEN EXIT OUT. If you don’t exit out, it will try to ask additional questions. You can exit any way you want: next button, close browser, hit the census home icon – it doesn’t matter. They all work.

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