Curbside Compost – 500th Participant!

Jon Evans, Akley Rd. resident, was the 500th person to sign up for Curbside Compost!  Jon was awarded a year’s supply of GLAD compostable bags! 

Jon writes, 

“Thank you so much for the (year’s supply of GLAD compostable bags)! I am truly looking forward to participating in this composting project!  I will be looking forward to the email (saying) that I can come and get the container …  I will be sharing this project with everyone I know in town!”

We are looking forward to presenting the same award to the 600th, 700th,  800th, 900th and 1,000th Curbside Compost participant!  


Who will it be ….. YOU?

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  • Nice work!, and some questions...

    Hi Moss,

    This has come such a long way from the initial “threat” of PAYT. The program is becoming everything we thought was possible. I’m sure you hear it often, but I really appreciate your leadership on this issue.

    A couple of questions:

    1. When will the weekly recycling pickup begin?

    2. If we don’t get a town-issued compost container, what other options are there? Can someone indicate to the pickup folks that something is intended for compost?

  • Curbside Compost Rocks!

    The COW compost prog. has helped make trash our smallest waste stream.

  • Alternatives to Town provided containers

    Kitchen container — Almost anything will work for the in-house / kitchen container. The town has not yet decided what, if any, kitchen containers to buy in bulk — but if we do buy kitchen containers and pass them along to the participants, any fee charged will be minimal — in other words, a bargain!

    But participants don’t have to get the Town container to participate!

    Note: We toyed around with doing absolutely nothing about kitchen containers — just let the participants get their own, but we found that many cities found that providing both kitchen and curbside containers was what many people wanted and needed to get them started

    Curbside container — The same goes for the curbside container. The only difference here is that if participants provide their own container it must meet the following requirements —

    1. Be clearly labeled “COMPOST” (we are going to have stickers made just for that purpose);

    2. It must be a rigid container (cannot put compost out in a paper bag or in a compostable bag);

    3. It must have some kind of tight fitting lid; and the lid must be easily opened/removed by the driver, even (especially) when he is wearing heavy winter work gloves.

    The town provided containers meet all the above criteria and are priced at 1/3 the actual bulk purchase price. The amount being charged is probably more like 25% of the retail price — a bargain, for sure!

    But participants don’t have to get the town provided curbside cart to participate.

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