Brattleboro Citizens’ Breakfast Invitation: Curbside Compost – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

The next “Brattleboro Citizens’ Breakfast” will take place on Friday,  April 19, 2013 at the Gibson Aiken Center, downstairs, hosted by Senior Meals. Doors open at 7:30am.

Moss Kahler promises to speak to everything you want to know about Brattleboro’s upcoming Curbside Compost program — about containers/cart; what’s OK and what is not OK to put in the curbside compost; how to sign up; where and when to pick up curbside carts and kitchen containers; what it costs to participate; when it will start . . . (etc.) 

Please do not hesitate to pass along this invitation to others who might be interested, but:

=> Because we really do need to anticipate the number of people planing to have breakfast, please  RSVP by no later than Monday,  April 15, by replying to –  (or call 518-505-9031 [c])

=> The breakfast, provided by Senior Meals will feature French Toast, home fries, sausage, fruit, yogurt and juice. Cost is $6.00 for those under 50 years of age. ($3.50 is the suggested donation for those over 60 years.)

Other Items of Interest:

• Friends of Brooks Memorial Library Big Spring Booksale – Friday, April 12, 10 to 6,  and Saturday April 13, 10 to 2.

Public Presentation + Discussion: Sustainable Communities Initiative: Conway School Projects in Windham County, VT     Monday, April 15, 2013 at 6:30pm – Co-op Community Room  

• Gregory B. Jaczko, former Chair of the NRC, and an advocate for stringent safety measures, said recently that all US nuclear reactors have ‘irreparable’ safety issues; he reportedly supports phasing out all current reactors. 

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