Brattleboro Water Quality Report

Brattleboro’s 2013 Water Quality Report is now available. We are once again proud to report no violations and few contaminants detected in the water we supply. This Federally mandated report contains information and test results on the water supplied to Brattleboro residents during the past year. It also includes general information about your water supply and its sources and a little water department news.

Customers receiving a bill will find a web address at the bottom where they can go to read the report online. Water bills to be mailed next week. Please type the address into the address box of your browser exactly as written including the tilde. You will find that just left of the numeral one on the key board. The address is You may also go to, click on departments and then Public Works where there is a link to the report.

For anyone who would rather have a paper copy, you may pick up a report at the Treasurer’s office at 230 Main Street when you pay your bill, or at several other places including the Town Clerk’s office, the Brooks Memorial Library, the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street or at the Water Department office at 211 Fairground Road. We will also mail a copy to anyone that calls our office at 254-4255 and gives us a name and mailing address.

Brattleboro Department of Public Works

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  • Have a drink on me

    Better tested (and tasting) than most bottled water, which often has no testing whatsoever.

    Thanks for keeping it safe and clean, DPW!

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