Vermont Quit Partners Impact State’s Communities

Person–To-Person Contact Increases Success Rate For Smokers Who Want Help To Quit

Windham County — The Vermont Department of Health announced it is launching a campaign to introduce the Vermont Quit Partners to Vermont tobacco users. The statewide network includes 50 Quit Partners and 15 community health teams.

“Cessation class participants have a higher success rate of quitting smoking.  The participants support each other, learn from each and develop lasting connections, all of which assist them in their
quit attempt”, said Quit Partner Terri Kneipp of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital who serves the Windham County, Vermont area and surrounding communities. (see attached photo). Terri invests her time in helping citizens
improve their life, health and overall wellbeing in weekly group cessation classes, which assist participants in preparing to stop using tobacco and support them after they quit.  Terri has counseled over 200 tobacco users during 9 years as a Quit Partner. Her group cessation programs are held at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (every Tuesday evening 5-6pm and Wednesday mornings 9-10am) and out in the community.

“One of the favorite parts of my job is seeing someone reach their quit goal and the impact that has on their life. A recent participant went from smoking 4 packs a day to 2 packs a week, used the extra money to buy dentures and joined a gym to address his overall physical goal of living a healthier, more fulfilling life.
He did the work and just needed a little encouragement and tools to help him reach his goals.  I feel honored to be a part of changing peoples’ lives.”

Formerly known as the Vermont Quit Network Quit in Person program, the Vermont Quit Partners not only provides a forum for peer support and encouragement but also provides tools such as distraction putty, pedometers and free nicotine replacement therapy, including gum, patches or lozenges, to program participants.

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States, but about 95,000 Vermonters smoke cigarettes and 800 Vermonters die each year from tobacco-related diseases.  In 2011, 55% of all Vermont smokers attempted to quit. Quit counseling and treatments with more person-to-person contact are proven effective for smokers who want help to quit, particularly when combined with nicotine replacement therapy or other medication.

Four area prevention coalitions (Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition, Greater Falls Prevention Coalition, West River Valley Thrives and the Deerfield Valley Community Partnership) are partnering with the Vermont Department of Health in promoting the Vermont Quit Partners. At Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, the classes are offered every Tuesday night from 5-6pm and every Wednesday morning from 9-10am with no pre-registration required.  Contact Vermont Quit Partner Terri Kneipp for more information at 802-251-8456 or email  Grace Cottage Hospital will be offering a cessation class beginning on Tuesday May 7th from 5-6:30pm for 6 consecutive weeks call 802-365-3637 for more information and to pre-register. Springfield Hospital will be offering a cessation class beginning May 2nd at 5:30-6:30 at the Rockingham Medical Group at the Health Center contact Michelle Kuusela at 802-885-7346 or email The Vermont Quit Partners provides a forum for peer support, encouragement, plans, and tools.

The Vermont Quit Partners is a team of people in communities across Vermont devoted to providing support and motivation to help Vermont tobacco users through the quitting process. To find a Quit Partner near you and learn about other ways to quit, go to or call 800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669) 

Please see photo attachment: Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Community Health Team members supporting the Tobacco Cessation program (left to right): Michelle Harmon—Behavioral Therapist, Terri Kneipp—Vermont Quit Partner and Nancy Schaefer—Health Coach.

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