Pine Street Vandalism

Many cars (at least 5) in the Pine Street area are were spray painted on Wed. night this week between 9:30-11pm, they also vanalized the granite pillars leading to Morningside Cemetery.  More disturbing than that is the racial slur sprayed on a house on Pine St. the same night. I doubt it was directed at the home owner, as I think the house is vacant. What a shame to our neighborhood and community.

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  • Pine Street Vandalism

    My 93 year old mother’s garage door was spray painted as well. The police officer told me that there were about 25 places that were vandalized. This area of town has seen a lot of this type of senselessness in recent months.

  • Can anything be done to prevent this sort of thing?

    What can neighbors do?

    • It's a shame

      We had this problem in a neighborhood I lived in. Especially the cars being painted. A neighborhood watch group started, people just sat in their cars and kept an eye on things for a few weeks and it stopped. There weren’t even cells in those days. To get a cop you’d have to find a phone.

  • One thing that can be done: A Cleaning party

    It is very hard to prevent vandalism, basically impossible. The act happens so quickly that it is hardly ever seen being done.

    However, it is important to clean the area as soon as possible, so that the neighborhood doesn’t become a place where it is obvious that this kind of thing is allowed to be permanent markings.

    Previously an individual spray painted graffiti on the stone pillars to the cemetery, and it took a long time for those paint stains to be removed. This time it looks like sloppy tags and maybe an attempt at spray painting a phallus. I am assuming that the artist is about 13 years old.

    I am in Conn now, but when I get back, I would enjoy working with anyone else to get that spray paint off whatever surfaces need it. Is there any interest out there to meet up and have a cleaning party ?

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