Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2018

Shall we try another “noticed around Brattleboro?”

I’ll start us off with something I saw downtown. There’s new curbing being put in at the north entryway to Harmony Lot. This is the entry that goes under the building. The new curb replaces the former driveway-like entrance, signaling to drivers that it is officially no longer an option to enter through that way.

How about you? See anything interesting going on?

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  • Great job of filling potholes on Westerrn Ave.

    Most of the work was done awhile back and the repairs are holding up well.
    I’ll miss that Harmony Lot entry way that goes under the building.

    • potholes

      You mean Brattleboro’s own unavoidable, front end realighment center at Crater National Pothole and abyss at the corner of High and Oak, loves to take on and try and devour my truck every chance it gets!

      • high and oak

        The High and Oak hole needs to go into the history books.

        Big hole, busy intersection. Swerving required! School kids crossing! Not everyone follows the rules for a 4 way stop, either.

        • potholes

          It was so deep it looked like it had dry run gravel and a small ghost town at it’s lower depths and dwarfed the caution cone they finally stuck in there to spare a few drivers anyway for the time being, wonder how much actual damage that one hole has caused those cars who unintentionally tried it on for size as it kept reappearing growing each time hungrier than the next for tread.

  • WKVT format change

    Sad to say goodbye to Fish, Mayo, Wild Child, Linda and shows like Underground Garage, Arlo Mudgets Morning Almanac , and Blue Cadillac and everyone else including all the advertisers. Enjoyed you all for many, many years.
    Can’t stand new canned “random”.

    • WKVT

      I sent some questions to Fish about the format change, and he forwarded them to the general manager for a response. First time I’ve ever had that happen. Usually he’s free to say what he wants. General manger never responded (and they were softball questions asking, for example, to describe what listeners might here in the new format.)

      (VTCHIP – was that your unsigned story about wkvt a couple of days ago? Happy to post it if we can attach a name to it.)

  • First Robin of Spring?

    Friday, I saw my first one of the year (by the Firehouse).
    He didn’t look happy.

  • Game Store Gone

    Game Store on Flat Street replaced with a Hemp shop.

    Brattleburger being replaced by a (..oh, what was it?… taco place?)

  • ah, the smell of it

    Skunks are back.

    • Confirmed!

      I saw one waddle by late last night. Cute little thing….

      Also, Mocha Joes is taking over the Cultural Intrigue Warehouse. (We’ll be roasting beans on one side of the street, and wood on the other side.)

  • Top of the Hill

    Top of the Hill grill is open. And yummy.

  • BRW Closing

    BRW Electronics has a going out of business sign with an accompanying “everything must go” sale.

    A very useful store. Not sure where we’ll find local electronics parts anymore. Bad news for Makers in the area.

  • About that new curb

    Last night, walking back after the radio show at WVEW, I noticed an addition to the entryway into Harmony Lot. You know the place – where they just put in a curb to close off car access to the lot from High Street.

    The new addition is a pair of pop-up barricades, like you’d see at a secure government facility. Interestingly, they have red LED lights glowing on them at night, making them look a little bit like low flying tiny UFO’s at first glance.

    Also downtown, Yalla?

  • Titos tacos

    Titos tacos is setting up tables and a food cart at Black Mountain Plaza.

  • Classy!

    Is the former wine bar becoming a tanning salon?

  • Some digging downtown

    Excavating going on near NEYT…

  • More

    Price Chopper parking lot being resurfaced and re-paved.

    Price Chopper becoming Market 32.

    Frozen yogurt place on Main Street uninstalling equipment.

    (Perhaps I am the only person not looking at a phone screen when I’m out and about? These are easy and no one has mentioned them….)

  • Shin La

    Sign on their door states they are reopening on May 21st.

  • Animules

    Pigs and cows across from the cheese factory, grazing near the West River.

  • Ice cream

    Ice cream truck back on the streets playing tropical music….

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