Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2021

It’s the summer 2021 edition of “Noticed Around Brattleboro” – your seasonal catch-all for little things not worthy of a full story but certainly worthy of making note of for the history books.

• Exit 2 I-91 bridge work is ongoing. Looks like a new surface for the upper level.

• Hermit Thrush Brewery has a sign up where Silver Moon used to be.

Noticed Around Brattleboro – Winter 2020-21

It’s time to look around and jot down things you’ve noticed around Brattleboro. Such as:

Temperatures in the 50’s and river flooding after heavy rains, for Christmas.
Potholes getting an early start…
Print Town book has been published…

Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2020

I almost forgot that we needed a new “Noticed” for the new season. This should be an interesting one. I expect some of these observations to change as time goes on.

I noticed some people at St Michaels’ today loading up a truck. Looked like volunteers working to make some deliveries.

Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2018

Shall we try another “noticed around Brattleboro?”

I’ll start us off with something I saw downtown. There’s new curbing being put in at the north entryway to Harmony Lot. This is the entry that goes under the building. The new curb replaces the former driveway-like entrance, signaling to drivers that it is officially no longer an option to enter through that way.