Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2018

Time for another “Noticed Around Brattleboro,” where little things about the town are noticed and recorded for posterity. This edition starts off with some special nature-loving observations:

– Nude man walking.  On Tuesday afternoon I was on my way to the train station to pick up a visitor. Coming down Canal Street I caught sight of a naked man walking up the hill. He was probably in his late 60’s, had a beard, and was walking happily, confidently, and totally naked.

He crossed the street from the Co-op side of things, opened a car door, and hopped in.

Note to nude man – you were violating Brattleboro’s ANTI-NUDITY ordinance. Despite what rumors you may have heard, the Town outlawed this a few years back. Sorry. Other Vermont towns aren’t quite so Puritanical on this issue, so you may have to wander clothes-less elsewhere.

General question – why is it always old nude men? (Where are the old nude women?)

– Bunny at the station.  I thought the nude man was the impressive sighting of the afternoon, but I was wrong. While waiting at the station, I saw a rabbit. I never see rabbits in town. This one was hopping toward us from the far end of the platform. It would stop and nibble on things,  but then it just turned around, sat there, and seemed to wait for the train. Maybe a cousin from Windsor Locks?  (There was also a chipmunk running along the tracks and quite a few birds down there.)

– Fireworks were great! Just a note that this year’s fireworks were outstanding. It was as if finale-quality shells were the only ones being launched. Nothing was small or boring. Lots of sizzle, too. And it seemed like an extra dose of green in the sky, too. (I suspect that Brattleboro’s #1 Fourth of July fan, Tim O’Connor, was smiling at us from above.)  And no drone blocking the view!

What else is there?

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  • July 4th, Fast Eddie's, Market 32

    I want to second the kudos to the Brattleboro Goes Fourth committee for another great Independence Day here in Brattleboro. They ordered the perfect weather, the parade was great (and reasonably comfortable from any shady spot along Main) and the fireworks were truly spectacular. Thank you for giving us a great day!

    As for things I’ve noticed around Brattleboro, there’s the construction at Fast Eddie’s drive-up restaurant on Putney Road. They appear to be building a new dining area next to the original building, thus doubling their size. (I was just happy to see them reopen but the expansion was not expected.)

    Also noticed that Price Chopper on Canal Street is now calling itself Market 32, and they’ve substantially spiffed themselves up to go along with the new branding. For those seeking a mainstream alternative to the increasingly annoying Hannaford store (IMO), Market 32 might be an option to consider.

    And finally, although this happens every year, I did want to call attention to the song of the Wood Thrush which can be heard from most of the woods around Chestnut Hill. If you’ve heard a slightly echo-y “tweedle – tweedle dee!’ emanating from the greenery, it was probably this seldom scene thrush.

  • First cicadas

    I heard the drone of the first cicada of the year on Solar Hill on Tuesday morning.

  • adding

    New burrito place, Market32, and Yalla seem officially open.

    The former Mole’s Eye space is available and has what I think is a new lit sign on High Street.

    Big orange plastic fence around the Retreat grounds.

  • shiny happy reflects thingies

    Reflective sticker flaps added to Putney Rd near Marina, to help further define a safe area for pedestrians and bikes.

  • new Old

    The motel next to Wendy’s is now the Old Covered Bridge Inn.

  • I'm not looking at a phone, so...

    Miller Bros has departed. No nice men’s clothes shop on Main anymore.

    Centre Church is getting a painting job.

  • I also look up

    2nd floor window at corner of Main and Elliot now identifies the building as “People’s Building” where the old People’s Bank was. (No relation, I’m pretty sure)

  • Maybe I'm the only one who looks at Brattleboro

    The Mexican place at the edge of Harmony Lot has closed.

  • New tanks

    Looks like Dead River on Main St is putting in or fixing up old storage tanks. They’ve been at it for a few days.

    • HUGE tank

      I saw them fooling around with a tank with a diameter twice the length of a man, and about 30 long.

      At one point, there were four guys stretching up with their hands on the tank. They were just maneuvering it as it dangled from cables, but it looked like they were trying to hold it up.

      I wish I had my camera. It would have made a great shot. I would have titled the photo: Ants with a breadcrumb.

  • Truck flag(s) and more

    I saw a pickup truck sporting a large flag that was half USA flag and half Confederate.

    Fast Eddie’s construction looks complete.

    This has been a summer first of hot weather, then of hot and humid weather. Very tropical in Brattleboro in 2018. It’s also very similar to the conditions prior to storm Irene – we had lots and lots of rain, then Irene hit and there was no place for the water to go.

  • Build the wall!

    Kinda nice new wall near the Elm street side of NEYT….

  • Build the sign!

    Harris Hill has a new sign at the entry to the parking area on Cedar Street.

  • Bikes

    New bike parking in from of Vermont Artisan Designs. It’s the mini bike parking area squeezed into a single parking space on the street.

  • Some late entries

    I-91 paved from the border to Brattleboro, plus Exits 1, 2, and 3.

    The Old Egyptian (any ideas what this is?) is coming to the seemingly cursed location near the entry to Harmony Lot.

    George J. Brooks Florist moving into Brooks House 1st floor. Also, room near High St entry to Harmony Lot (former hair salon) seems to be getting fixed up for something.

    Sidewalk at Boys & Girls club on Flat St getting needed repairs. A new center for insight is opening across the street.

    • From Facebook entry in Brattleboro VT page

      June 19:

      The Old Egyptian noodle and tea house (opening August 2018) is seeking executive management. Experience with farming and/or community building and/or restaurant management are key.

    • Brooks House

      Rumor is that Planned Parenthood might be going into the hair salon location.

      RE: the tea and noodle shop: I’m reminded of a sign I saw in Florida once. “BarberShop – Barber Wanted”

      (They should support local media, or tempt fate as the others did. : ) )

  • 7-11?

    Just heard on WVEW that 7-11 in West B is closed/gone.

  • New hole

    Someone is installing a basement (or large underground tank) on Putney Rd across from the RV credit union.

  • What's going in next to Fast Eddie's?

    There is construction activity in the empty lot next to Fast Eddie’s. Any word?

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