Noticed Around Brattleboro – Autumn 2018

A place to record your little observations about Brattleboro, such as….

  • New paint for a store across from the Latchis
  • More big, old trees taken down on Oak Street.

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  • Flashy flashy

    The crosswalk across Western Ave by Cedar Street now has the flashing lights option.

  • Two loud sounds

    Coming out of WVEW last night around nine, I was first treated to a really loud motorcycle rider revving his engine going down Main Street, and thought to myself “too bad for the people who pay so much to live downtown. It’s noisy!”

    A few steps later, I was treated to a very loud opera rehearsal in the River Garden, with full cast, chorus and orchestra. “Wow, what lucky people who get to live downtown. It’s noisy!”

  • New Sign at Elms Corners

    At the intersection of Maple St and Guilford St/Creamery Rd. They often have interesting or provocative things out there, especially at Halloween or holiday time.

    This time there is a BIG sign, prominent among their halloween stuff:


    The beauty of this is that it does not mention any of the hot-button issues or people which have consumed our public dialogue recently; it just simply and starkly states a point.
    Many thanks to the people who live there for putting it up, whoever they are!

    If anyone can post a photo of it (my flip phone won’t do that!), I’d be much obliged. It looks good in the original.

  • A thing

    Some site prep going on along Old Ferry Rd near the old VY training center. Looks like it could be just about anything – more parking lots, more warehouses, etc. It’s a fairly large space they are working.

  • A new post

    This one is testing my memory because it is such a plain ordinary item, but there seems to be a new wooden post in the middle of the Municipal Center parking lot. (Or has this always been here? I can’t recall…) It seemed new as I went by the other day.

    And what it is for?

  • New glass + Rotary!

    New glass at the Library – front windows being replaced.

    Rotary at Exit 3 is getting more permanent and clear lane markings. Right lane is for immediate right turns only! All others go in the left lane.

  • Crowell Park

    New playground apparatus set up under park’s Old Spruce Tree’s root system severely hacked away on one entire side, couldn’t this have been avoided working to preserve established root span area in combination with planning new equipment? poor planning of placement and excavation work by rec park.

  • Closings

    I believe Shanahan Construction Supply in Brattleboro has closed and Vintage Steele will be closing their Canal Street shop.

  • Masala House

    Masala House Indian restaurant has moved from the Quality Inn to 889 Putney Rd, Colonial Inn.

    • Good one

      You beat me to it… I just saw the sign yesterday. The sign mentions Indian Fusion. Haven’t heard of a fusion restaurant in quite a while. : )

  • CDB Drive Thru

    There’s a new business in the old TDBank location on Putney Rd. Looks health-related, and has a sign indicating “CDB Drive Thru”

    No more 5 cent discount for cash at Citgo, either, as far as I can tell. Just everyday low prices. : )

    And, has anyone seen the permanent protestor at the Post Office recently? The one who carries signs and goes to his car to refresh what he’s carrying? Has that era come to an end?

    • Endless Flowing Banner Protestor

      Let’s hope so for his sake, he’s out there no matter the inclement weather, although it must be a great deal of exercise and work out taking all those brisk laps( not sure what his message(s) exactly is/are ) and he jogs rt 30 on top of that.

  • Canal St Gulf

    After a long, abrupt closure, the Gulf Station on Canal near Oak Grove is open again. Seems the old owners had operated with some unsavory practices, got in trouble. The new owners are newcomers to town, bought it in a bank-sale, and are trying to make a go of it. Immigrants from India, it seems.
    I stopped in to say hi, it was nice to welcome them to town and wish them good luck.

    And they offer free coffee all month !

  • Makeover

    The former Avenue Grocery is seemingly getting an internal and external makeover.

  • Tattoo

    New (?) tattoo place on Main near the Co-op/Blue Moose…

  • Not sure anyone has noticed, but...

    Christmas and holiday lights are up all over town, displays in downtown windows are coming along, and trees are for sale.

  • A sign says

    Mystery on Main Street is closing.

  • Vapes and Food

    New vape store where Radio Shack used to be.

    And, since I’ve been waiting a long time for this really easy one and no one else got it – the new food truck at Top of the Hill Grill extends dining at the location past the closing of the BBQ.

  • Closings

    I just read that Shin La’s last day will be December 31st and Bakers will be closing the end of January.

  • Radio waves thinning

    Green Mountain Mornings cancelled by WKVT.

  • Another closing?

    I heard that Thai Bamboo may be closed…does anybody know for sure?

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