Brattleboro Town School Board Candidates Unanimously Endorse the Youth Vote Charter Amendment

In a candidates forum on Monday, February 25th, the candidates for Brattleboro Town School Board were asked how they felt about students being elected to school boards and having an equal vote to theirs. Every one of the five candidates voiced their support for it, and each expressed a different benefit of the change.

The Brattleboro Youth Vote is a town charter amendment that will be voted on as part of the March 5 election ballot. It will give 16 and 17-year old Brattleboro citizens the right to vote on town issues and candidates, be elected and serve on school boards (up to 2 on each), and be elected as a Town Representatives.

Jill Stahl Tyler, an incumbent who is running for a three-year seat, explained the efforts already underway to seat students on the Board. Robin Morgan, also an incumbent, and running for a one-year seat, addressed the common reservations about age of maturity. Yet another incumbent, Spoon Agave, who is running for a one-year seat, emphasized the positive effect that enfranchising teenagers will have on civics education. Emily Murphy Kaur, a one-year seat candidate, explained how policy formation and implementation will benefit from the participation of those who are most directly affected. Lastly, three-year seat candidate Andy Davis noted that some of the best political leadership in this country is coming from people who are currently not old enough to fully participate in shaping the nation’s politics.

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