Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2019

Time once again for the little list of little (and big) things anyone notices around Brattleboro.

BusyMom beat me to one of them – Burger King at Exit 1 appears closed.

Some others I’ve seen or heard about:

  • there are newly-installed storage tanks near Old Ferry Rd, across from where the VY Training building sits.
  • The Void has moved out of their lower Main Street location and up in to the store formally known as Miller’s.
  • Duo is for sale, I’ve been told.
  • Mystery on Main is still closing, slowly.
  • Old Egyptian at Harmony Lot seems to never have opened.
  • A new shop with a familiar face coming to Main Street soon.

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  • What is the "new shop with a familiar face"?

    What is the “new shop with a familiar face”?

    • Heh

      I can’t say much more right now, and want to wait to see that it is really happening, but watch Mystery on Main’s location. I’ve been told that someone we’ve seen as a shopowner downtown will be partnering with someone else to bring us more of what they are good at selling.

      How’s that for non-information! : )

  • Soup Truck Gone, and more

    I saw the soup truck at Top of the Hill Grill pack up and head off the other day, and the work to get Top of the Hill cleaned up and open for the season seems to have begun.

    This has been there a while, but big chain link fence around the old Friendly’s. Fribble lockout!

    New vape shop where the old Radio Shack used to be.

    And how about Brattleboro’s new downtown “skyscraper”? – the multi-story “Snow Block” is going in on Flat Street, next to the Boys & Girls Club. WWHT says ” It will feature 23 apartments, community space for tenants, and a commercial rental space. The 5-story elevator building will be a mix of apartments for people at a large variety of income levels” and “The Snow Block will be certified by the Passive House Institute US and will require almost no energy needed to heat and cool the interior. It will also offer accessible features within the apartments and an elevator access to the upper floors.”

  • winter passing

    Snow is almost melted, ice on the w\West River is gone but some remains on Retreat meadows.

    Dried up wreathes remain near Creamery Bridge.

  • Three for Thursday

    The auto parts store on Canal near 3 Stones seems to be for sale.

    Harmony Lot parking machines had signs saying “App Not Working”

    Of course, Main Street water main repairs near the River Garden.

  • Shin La

    I believe Shin La is open again.

  • Early May

    Flowers in window of new flower shop on Main Street.

    Planet Fitness coming to the mall with Aldis/Staples.

    New main street shop near Shin La.

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