Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2019

The seasons change, and so does what we notice around Brattleboro.

Anything catch your eye recently? Make note of it here.


I noticed a small goat being handed to someone in a parking lot. It was a bit unusual, but the little goat was very cute and seemed happy, as did both the goat givers and goat takers.

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  • mystery project

    I notice there is some ground or building project going on in the field beyond the Whetstone (opposite side from Williams St.) I heard the land is now owned by a conservancy group. Typically, I see joggers and dog walkers making use of the area. There was a backhoe or some heavy equipment out there today (06/26/19). Anybody know what’s up?

  • new workshops

    In-Sight sent out an email with an interesting subject field:

    “In-Sight’s 1st Adult Photo Workshop!”

    That can be read two ways! One is rather steamy… ahem.

    The way you are supposed to read it is there will be a photo workshop for adults (rather than kids) in August.

  • Big sign.

    The Planet Fitness billboard has been installed. It’s huge!

  • Other Vape Store

    The “other” vape store on Putney Road also closed. They have a statement in the window about lower taxes in NH. First casualty of the LOST 1% tax? : )

    General thought – stores with more space for pool tables than products might have the wrong business plan.

  • New parking meters broken

    Flat Street parking kiosks were out of service. Those new ones, you know? Everyone was parking for free.

    (92%! That’s mean!)

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