Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2019

The seasons change, and so does what we notice around Brattleboro.

Anything catch your eye recently? Make note of it here.


I noticed a small goat being handed to someone in a parking lot. It was a bit unusual, but the little goat was very cute and seemed happy, as did both the goat givers and goat takers.

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  • mystery project

    I notice there is some ground or building project going on in the field beyond the Whetstone (opposite side from Williams St.) I heard the land is now owned by a conservancy group. Typically, I see joggers and dog walkers making use of the area. There was a backhoe or some heavy equipment out there today (06/26/19). Anybody know what’s up?

  • new workshops

    In-Sight sent out an email with an interesting subject field:

    “In-Sight’s 1st Adult Photo Workshop!”

    That can be read two ways! One is rather steamy… ahem.

    The way you are supposed to read it is there will be a photo workshop for adults (rather than kids) in August.

  • Big sign.

    The Planet Fitness billboard has been installed. It’s huge!

  • Other Vape Store

    The “other” vape store on Putney Road also closed. They have a statement in the window about lower taxes in NH. First casualty of the LOST 1% tax? : )

    General thought – stores with more space for pool tables than products might have the wrong business plan.

  • New parking meters broken

    Flat Street parking kiosks were out of service. Those new ones, you know? Everyone was parking for free.

    (92%! That’s mean!)

  • Possibilities

    Overheard in front of taco place on Main St, while looking at sign in window that says “closed for today”: “Today? It’s been three weeks.”

    Not Noticed Yet: the skatepark, which got a second round of bids back and they are all over budget again.

    Possibly Noticed: Is that a new mural on Elliot Street?

  • Twin Flames

    Twin Flames has flamed out. Sign in window says “For Lease”.

    What is it with this location? It LOOKS like a great location – centrally located and right on Main Street, great visibility, ample parking nearby? But restaurants have been failing there steadily.

    Is it the wrong mix of food? Tacos and burgers seem like they should sell.

    Is it the prices? Hmmm…

  • More noticed

    ‘Going Out of Business’ sign on the Candle in the Night Building…

    and, since no one has mentioned it, the newly re-done bridge over the Whetstone near the Co-op/drug parks.

  • Burger King progress?

    A building permit placard has appeared on its entry door,

    Might be good to have people and activity there. I heard someone recently broke a section of fence by the overgrown and unsupervised drive-through lane and stole items from a back yard on Generous Street.

  • Gardens

    My flowers and basil have been overperforming, but dill and peppers did very little. Thyme thrived, but sage not so much (that’s probably because my neighbor planted tomatoes that threw it into the shade).

  • More stores closing

    Yoga pants store has closed at corner of Main and Elliot.

    Ruggles & Hunt is going out of business on Main Street.

    (Temporary and effective speed bumps installed near Living Memorial Park, too)

  • Noticed partially

    Partial paving of the Municipal Center parking lot, with new line stripes marking the spaces there.

  • That old church on Frost Place...

    Taken down today.

  • Railings

    It’s still summer, so…

    Installation of new railings behind Fire Station on Green Street/Church Street!

    (Cooper’s Coop opened on Western Ave this summer, too.)

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