Noticed Around Brattleboro – Fall 2019

You know the drill. If you see something interesting, small or large, around Brattleboro, share it here.

Delectable Mountain on Main Street is closing. A sign says December is the last month for the fabric store.

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  • Life is Sweet- an awesome cupcake and candy store that’s been in Keene for years has opened at the corner of Main Street and High. Nice to have another option for a treat!

    • Oops

      Life is Sweet is actually located at the intersection of Main and Elliot Streets- not Main and High. My error!

  • Peebles

    I believe Peebles is closing and will become a Gordmans, another one of Stage Stores holdings.

    • Does anyone ever actually shop in Peebles? I’ve been

      Does anyone ever actually shop in Peebles? I’ve been in the store once or twice in the past dozen years and have never seen more than one or two other customers there.
      It’s a very small and somewhat random assortment of goods offered there.

      • Label Shopper

        I stopped in at Peebles when they added their “home” section and found one small thing I needed at a good price.

        I sort of like the old fashioned department store feel of the place, but for shopping in that stretch of stores Label Shopper is my favorite. It’s a bit hit or miss, but things change often and the staff are great.

  • Burger King

    Construction continues apace, much progress.

  • Soup Shack

    Soup Shack (by Top of the Hill Grill) will be reopening mid November.

  • More Lamplighter

    Lamplighter renovations are progressing out on Putney Rd, opposite the recently renovated structures across the street.

    Also noticed around town – a lot of really terrible drivers doing dumb things and playing with their phones.

  • Hallowe'en Costumes on Grownups

    At the Co-op and Brattleboro Savings and Loan today, folks were in costume. BS&L went all out with the full cast of characters in The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy waited on us at the drive-up, the Scarecrow worked a teller window, the Wicked Witch may or not have been head teller, and we were told that the Tinman was doing Customer Service and the Cowardly Lion was working at the reception desk!

    Many points for best coordinated costumes.

    The Co-op had it going on too. Their customer service rep Ruth Garbis was wearing a lurid green dress and had a very large black crow carefully perched on her shoulder. I thought I heard it caw at me as I left the store…

    Other not so new news, probably, is that the sign is down at GNC. I’m sure I knew of their departure from earlier, but seeing no sign reminded me. Not that I ever went there. It had become part of the scenery at that point, although I did read their big window posters from time to time.

    Lots of russet red, copper and gold in the landscape right now.

  • What will basketball players do?

    Olympia Sports (sneaker store) has a sign saying it is closing.

  • Not quite sure

    Something happening at old North End Market.

    Windows boarded up at the interesting old green house near Putney Rd West River bridge.

    • I think

      North End Market going to be a Sub-Way shop.
      If the green house is south of the Bridge, I believe there was a house fire.

      • Yup, South

        Yes, across from the sub station (fire).

        Too bad about the fire. I’ve always liked that house. Hope it gets fixed up nicely.

  • New hardware store open

    You can save 1% (no local option tax) on building supplies by leaving Brattleboro and heading up to the new WW Building Supply in Newfane. The new building replaces the older one, and the new space allows for more shelves and products. They also have the full lumberyard. For those wondering when the new building will open, it’s been open about a week now.

  • Dress Barn

    The Dress Barn in the outlet Center is closing.

  • Wilson's

    Not Brattleboro but Wilson’s in Greenfield is closing.

    • Ouch

      It always felt like going back in time while visiting Wilson’s – a classic department store, with departments! Not only is it a nostalgic place to shop, they had pretty good stuff at ok prices.

      I thought they had some sort of non-profit that helped keep them going. Oh well.

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