Noticed Around Brattleboro – Winter 2020

Do you notice things where you live? What little things around Brattleboro have caught your eye this winter?

  • The old/new Burger King appears to have reopened.

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  • Restaurant change

    Duo is changing ownership.

  • Pot holes

    Pot holes are starting to return to Western Ave after some great repairs had been made. Maybe I’m wrong but I think the road was pot hole free last winter.

  • Brattleboro Retreat

    According to a VPR report, possible closing or sale of the Brattleboro Retreat.

    • Thanks for this one

      Very glad you pointed this one out. The board that oversees the Retreat voted to go ahead with closing/sale.

      That’s a lot of jobs, and a lot of patients.

  • ATM Shuffle

    BS&L outdoor drive-up ATM machine removed from Putney RD; replaced with new walk-in indoor one.

  • Governmental change possibility

    Degray has a petition circulating to replace the the Town manager system with a mayoral system.

    (C’mon folks… I know you notice these things, too….these are easy!)

  • Subway coming to Putney Road

    Renovations ongoing in the old North End Market store. The exterior and windows already look much better.

  • Valley Flyer

    New ways to get to NYC by train, if you can get to Greenfield, MA:

    “New Haven Springfield Northampton Greenfield
    2 hours 48 minutes
    Multiple Departures Daily
    Travel in comfort along the well-known Knowledge Corridor where you will go down the hills of New Haven, through Springfield, to the valleys of Northampton and Greenfield. The Valley Flyer runs seven days a week and offers convenient connections at New Haven Union Station, allowing passengers to travel through central Connecticut and into western Massachusetts in one day.”

    Stations served:
    Greenfield, MA (GFD)
    Northampton, MA (NHT)
    Holyoke, MA (HLK)
    Springfield, MA (SPG)
    Windsor Locks, CT (WNL)
    Windsor, CT (WND)
    Hartford, CT (HFD)
    Berlin, CT (BER)
    Meriden, CT (MDN)
    Wallingford, CT (WFD)
    New Haven, CT – State Street Station (STS)
    New Haven, CT – Union Station (NHV)

    You change in New Haven and head into the city.

    You can leave from Greenfield (and get to Penn Station in NYC) this Friday, for example, at:

    5:45 am (arrives 10:22 am)
    7:35 am (arrives 12:22 pm)
    or ride the Vermonter at 1:36pm (arrive 6:25 pm)

    In the other direction, leave Penn Station at:

    11:38 am (arrive Greenfield 4:22 via the Vermonter) or
    5:38 pm (arrive Greenfield 10:23 pm)
    7:50 pm (arrive Greenfield 12:38 am).

    Note that you can also just hop around western MA by train more easily now, too.

    • Nice to have more options

      Usually we drive to New Haven and take Metro North to Grand Central Station (which runs every 20-30 minutes). But it’s nice to know there are more options if we don’t feel like taking a 2 hour drive each way.

      • the well-known Knowledge Corridor

        I have some faint memory of someone telling me there might be a plan to connect VT with this Valley Flyer, but I don’t really recall any details. Anyone know?

        (Brattleboro isn’t a part of “the well-known Knowledge Corridor” it seems. If we are located at the outer edges of knowledge then, are we a gateway to below or above averages? : ) )

  • Not noticed

    … there seems to be fewer ice huts on the Retreat meadows than ever before.

  • Job loss

    It appears that the annual “bearded guy dressed as the Statue of Liberty” gig has ended. Rather than employ, it looks as if big flags have been purchased instead to draw attention to a tax prep business.

    End of an era!

  • The nose knows...

    I smelled skunk when leaving the house early this morning.

  • Sightings

    I saw a large grey brown rabbit in a cage atop a stroller being wheeled down Putney Road by…. ?…. his assistant.

    I saw someone wearing a (presumably) coronavirus protection mask at the grocery store.

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