COVID-19 Temporary Free Parking in Brattleboro

 COVID-19 Temporary Free Parking 

As a precautionary measure the Town of Brattleboro will immediately suspend the collection of all parking fees and cease issuing parking fines until further notice. All meters and parking kiosks will message “Free Parking”. No further permits will be sold until paid parking is resumed. All previously issued citations must be paid by mail or online at The Parking Enforcement Office at 77 Flat Street is also closed until further notice. 

This measure is intended to be temporary and will be reviewed as COVID-19 conditions change. Once a decision to reinstate parking fines and fees is made, the public will be notified well in advance of the renewed enforcement activities. 

All other parking restrictions will remain in effect during this period. For example, while meters and kiosks will not require payment, parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a crosswalk will not be permitted. Parking in the Reserved Section of the Brattleboro Transportation Center will still be limited to holders of BTC Reserve Permits only. Brattleboro Police Department will continue to patrol the streets and parking lots of Brattleboro and will address such infractions. 

Please direct questions or concerns to Assistant Town Manager Patrick Moreland at 251-8101. Thank you. 

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