Noticed Around Brattleboro – Winter 2020-21

It’s time to look around and jot down things you’ve noticed around Brattleboro. Such as:

  • Temperatures in the 50’s and river flooding after heavy rains, for Christmas.
  • Potholes getting an early start…
  • Print Town book has been published…

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  • Political firehouse

    I’ve been noticing in the twitter feed of our Fire Chief that in amongst fire safety tips, he seems to be dabbling with becoming political.

    Today there is a tweet that says “Priorities!” with a chart attached showing “Things I’m worried about…” with 1% of the chart for COVID and 99% for “losing my constitutional rights.”

    He had another political message on Nov 25 – “We won’t say this way after January!” with a graphic that says “REMEMBER THIS DAY… stock market above 30k. US is energy independent. Gas is under $2 a gallon, and No New Wars for 4 years.”

    On Oct 17 he retweeted a photo of the Thin Blue Line flag flying over a Trump rally in Wisconsin.

    Oct 13 saw a retweet of a Charlie Kirk message about Kamala Harris being “one of the most disrespectful, dishonest, and disingenuous politicians in recent American history.” On the 12th there was a RT of “RT if you are ready to confirm ACB and Fill The Seat!”

    On Oct 9 he retweeted a message from a nurse talking about how bad COVID was at her hospital, imploring people to wear masks.

    So, noticing lots of political statements. His twitter description says he’s looking forward to moving on from being Fire Chief soon. Perhaps a career in politics?!

  • Noticed in West Brattleboro

    Some light demolition and remodeling going on at Chelsea Royal Diner

  • Snow Day

    Some really great snow people appeared around town after the latest snowstorm.

    Evidence: the snow angel at the end of Cedar Street has a great carrot and nice big wings.

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