Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2021

What have you noticed this spring in and around Brattleboro?

  • Outlet Center renovations are coming along nicely. Looks like we get one of those official “outlet center cupolas” at the corner, too. Look out, Manchester.
  • Potholes are big enough for small families to inhabit.
  • Fiber optic cables being strung all over the place.

This is the super-easy way for you to help future historians by making note of little things that others don’t feel are important to make note of.  What have you noticed recently?

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  • Bloomin' blooms

    Weekend of April 10th-11th was a hot one… near 80’s. A bit too soon for things to be in bloom… but they are.

  • Easy one

    The Mobil station at Exit 3 is being re-built.

  • Trains

    Announcement that Amtrak service returns July 19, according to BDCC.

  • June is busting out all over

    Brattleboro survived the April snow and everything is now budding and blooming (April 19).

    Looks great. But again, too soon!

  • Others say...

    Dunkin Donuts closed for a couple of days (says Twitter).

    Positive COVID tests at Putney Rd Quality Inn (says Reformer)

  • High and Main walk light

    Looks like the Town repaired the walk signal at High and Main. For much of the past year the walk light has activated on every cycle. Twice thru the intersection in the past few days and the walk cycle was skipped with no pedestrians to push the button.


  • 10 digit phone calls

    Announcement that everyone will need to dial 802 along with the 7 digit number for all local calls, ramping up now and by October of this year. This is to accommodate a new national 988 number for suicide prevention and mental health crises.

  • Businesses

    Koffee Kup bakery closes…says the TV news.

  • Putney Rd Bike Lanes

    Everyone must have noticed this. It’s almost too obvious for me to mention. But I will…

    Bright green bike lanes on Putney Road to accompany the new crosswalks and safety measures.

  • Busy spring

    The Reformer has a new owner, again. The paper has been sold to a semi-local investor. (Our buyout offer must be lost in the mail….)

    The lack of Vermont Bread Co (Koffee Kup) products and jobs is annoying people…complaints of missing muffins, as well as lawsuits for proper shutdown pay.

  • Vermont Circuit Board building

    Activity at the old Vermont Circuit Board building on Technology Drive.
    Looks like somebody moving in

  • Newfane Notice

    New owners are fixing up the Newfane Store…

  • Vermont Center for Photography move

    From their newsletter:

    “we are excited to be MOVING this summer to a brand new custom-built location at the heart of downtown Brattleboro!!

    The new space, located at 22 High Street will feature an overall 30% larger (fully accessible) space, larger more flexible exhibition/event space, top-notch digital photographic service offerings, library/lounge/meeting area to kick back and spend some time immersing yourself in all things photography, a brand new digital lab classroom space fully equipped with computers, printers, & scanners to offer world-class photographic education opportunities, an enhanced traditional darkroom space, a new and improved retail space to house our beloved PhotoThrift shop – and much more – all nestled into a central downtown building that is under redevelopment this year to become an artist/maker-space hub in the region!”


    (NOTE: newsletters are great sources for this sort of news tidbit… what have you read in your newsletters? Not everyone gets every newsletter! Share it! )

  • Tito's Tacos

    … has opened a store in the parking lot of Hannaford. They’ve upgrade from the food truck next door and taken over the place that used to be a bank/pizza place.

    Looks nice… they are preserving the ability to sit out and eat, which seems to be a favorite of fans.

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