Questions for Peter Elwell, Bob Fisher, and Lawrin Crispe for 10/13/21 Meeting 6-7:30pm (

Questions for Peter Elwell, Bob Fisher, and Lawrin Crispe for 10/13/21 Meeting 6-7:30pm (

The elected district represenatives of Brattleboro’s Steering Committee members are asking the municipal manager, lawyer, and moderator about the annual representative municipal meeting. Which of the following questions do you prioritize our collective hour and half of time together being focused on?

Poll closes on October 12th at 6am and results will be shared on Facebook and iBrattleboro.

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  • The pirates that dont do anything

    The public survey results for tonight’s interview indicate the majority of the 5 total respondents:
    Don’t care about asking about protecting BLM signage at RTM
    Don’t care about asking the interviewees about how to make RTM more inclusive
    Don’t care who is involved in putting town meeting together? What are their roles and why?
    Don’t care How did it come about that the 2021 town meeting was held over 2 days? Who made that decision and when?
    Don’t care about learning about human services funding
    Don’t care about the information meeting
    Don’t care about how the agenda is constructed
    Don’t care about the selectboard warning the rtm agenda
    Don’t care about the voters warnings articles
    Don’t care about rtm ex officio members
    Don’t care about the function of selectboard at rtm
    Don’t care about the municipal lawyer representing RTM
    Don’t care about the role of the moderator
    Don’t care about RTM timing
    Don’t care about restricting calling the question
    Don’t care care about a consent agenda
    Don’t care about Robert’s rules
    In conclusion, the most active participants in this survey do not care.

  • Huh?

    Clearly, Rikki Risatti is expressing passion, but what Risatti wrote comes across as an indecipherable rant.

    I would like to understand the issues referred to by Risatti, because as a Brattleboro resident and citizen, town government affects me. I feel that Risatti is an intelligent person, sufficiently so as to be capable of taking the time and care to write a clear and comprehendible explanation.

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