Informational Event: How is Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting Moderated?

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Please post the attached Representative Town Meeting Steering Committee agenda in warning for a meeting.

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Hilary Francis

Brattleboro Town Clerk

230 Main Street, Suite 108

Brattleboro. VT  05301

ph 802-251-8129

cell 802-490-9835

fax 802-257-2312

A look at how Brattleboro’s annual town meeting is moderated each year, with guest and Town Moderator Lawrin Crispe, sponsored by the Brattleboro RTM Steering Committee Monday, November 22, 2021 from 6:00 until 8:00pm

Hybrid meeting inperson in the Select Board meeting room and on Zoom at
Meeting ID: 856 3839 1185 Passcode: 605348

Phone attendees in US: Dial tollfree at +1 646 558 / Mute and unmute = *6
Outside of US: Find tollfree dial numbers at

The event will be recorded on Zoom and posted on YouTube for later viewing.

Covid safety: Committee members and guests are encouraged to attend on zoom, if possible.
Anyone who attends in person will be asked to wear a mask, and to be safely spaced apart.

About this event
The Brattleboro RTM Steering Committee wants to understand how the annual town meeting is moderator by our Town Moderator, because this information will help committee’s work on suggesting improvements for our town meeting process. We think that this event may be
interesting for anyone who is a member of RTM, or who may be interested in becoming a member, or who is interested in how our town meeting works.

Introduce speakers and facilitator Millicent Cooley, committee Chair
Procedures for zoom and for recording
Lawren Crispe responds to questions and suggestions from committee members
Q&A with members and guests

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  • Think of it as job training, too...

    And, just announced, Lawrin Crispe doesn’t plan to run for Representative Town meeting Moderator again this year, so the slot is open.

    Those interested in running would do well to attend!

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