Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

• Proposals and possible motions
o Clarification with passed motion for funding lunch, with regard to committee position on BUHS fundraiser lunch. Request for clarity from the BUHS principal, from this committee.
o … to endorse continued support for BUHS in providing RTM lunch.
o …to amend this committee’s original 2021 proposal to include and welcome ex-officio members.
o …to end committee meetings for this RTM year and for members to use the time to execute the work that has been agreed.

Selectboard Meeting Notes – Brattleboro Needs 500 Housing Units

selectboard december 6, 2021

The Brattleboro Selectboard learned about housing issues and possible strategies for addressing some serious housing needs during their first regular meeting of December . 500 housing units is the low estimate of what Brattleboro needs, now, and the selectboard is eager to make it an actual goal.

The board also approved corrections and updates to a Civil War monument, preserving the original but annotating it with a new plaque and information about the people of color and lower classes of soldiers not named on the original. They won’t name them on the new plaque, but will be directed to further information.

Brattleboro Selectboard Meeting Agenda and Notes – December 7, 2021

Traffic safety and recommendations for improvements to the Representative Town Meeting will be discussed at the next regular meeting of the Brattleboro Selectboard. New bike lanes, LED stop signs, and a request for a crosswalk are all in the mix for Tuesday.

The board will continue to provide free operating space for some local businesses who’d like to have larger establishments, and they’ll approve a correction to a very old piece of Town information.

You can bring up other items not on the agenda during public participation.

Informational Event: How is Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting Moderated?

The Brattleboro RTM Steering Committee wants to understand how the annual town meeting is moderator by our Town Moderator, because this information will help committee’s work on suggesting improvements for our town meeting process. We think that this event may be
interesting for anyone who is a member of RTM, or who may be interested in becoming a member, or who is interested in how our town meeting works.

Representative Town Meeting Steering Committee Agenda

Agenda (start time / minutes)

• Call to order (6:00 / 2)

• Agenda review (6:02 / 5)

• Approve last meeting minutes (6:07 / 3)

• Announcements (6:10 / 5)

• Topic: Officer elections (6:15 / 20)

• Topic: Committee policy to discuss or not discuss charter change items – vote, from John Kennedy (6:35 / 5)

• Topic: Sub-committee on finance – vote, from Rikki Risatti (6:40 / 5)

Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Survey Report Summary

You might enjoy reading this:

“…A survey titled ‘Brattleboro Town Meeting: Your Opinion’ was conducted starting July 9, in order to get feedback on what annual representative town meeting (RTM) attendees and participants think about their experience with the Brattleboro RTM. 

The objective of this survey is to hear opinions about what people want changed or want preserved in our town meeting process, so that the RTM Steering committee can be better informed and can take this opinion into account, in our work.

The RTM proposal that was adopted for the Steering committee states: “…to review the rules, procedures and structure of Representative Town Meeting for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the body…”

Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Steering Committee Meeting Agenda


June 21, 2021

5:30  pm             

Library Mtg Room

Call to Order                                                                                                1 min

2.  Agenda Review                                                                                             2