Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Brattleboro RTM Steering Committee
Monday, December 20, 2021
6:00 8:00pm

Hybrid meeting on Zoom and in the Select Board meeting room
Meeting ID: 852 4567 2886
Passcode: 899424

Phone attendees
US: Dial tollfree at 8335480276, 8335480282, 8778535247, or 8887880099
Outside of US: Find tollfree dial numbers at
Mute and unmute = *6

Call to order
Agenda review
Approve last meeting minutes
Action items from last meeting
Proposals and possible motions
o Clarification with passed motion for funding lunch, with regard to committee position on BUHS fundraiser lunch. Request for clarity from the BUHS principal, from this committee.
o to endorse continued support for BUHS in providing RTM lunch.
o to amend this committees original 2021 proposal to include and welcome exofficio members.
o …to end committee meetings for this RTM year and for members to use the time to execute the work that has been agreed.
o to conduct interviews with all Moderator Candidates (from Spoon).
o to approve new RTM webpage text draft.

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