Noticed Around Brattleboro – Mid Winter Edition

Add the little things you’ve noticed around town in the comments below. No experience necessary!

• It’s January 6 and there are still no ice huts on the Retreat meadows.

• Chris forgot to do a Winter version of the “noticed” until January, because it looks like mud season.

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  • A few more

    January 10 and there are a handful of ice tents on Retreat Meadow. Maybe one official hut.

    Temporary ski jump sculpture has been installed near the Municipal Center.

    Ski jump lights are on at night, distracting drivers (they strobe as you drive by) and wildlife.

    (what have you noticed?)

  • Cold

    Ice huts are out on the Retreat Meadow.

    Also, today people cleared a nice big patch for skating or maybe a hockey game. Skate on real ice!

  • Might as well jump

    – Temperatures in the 40s and 50s, rain, and… the 100th anniversary of the Harris Hill Ski Jump. Not sure how much longer this will go on. Each year seems like it gets warmer, and reliance on artificial snow increases. It may become a monument to climate change in a decade. But we’re still hanging on, and the site has been filled with activity this week – putting up tents, preparing spaces for parking and standing, and getting the hill in shape.

    – Potholes! Cedar Street is just one of the many places with rather bad roads and sidewalks right now.

    – Ice hits on the Retreat Meadow are surrounded by pools of melted water. Looks like many are gambling that it gets cold again.

    – We’ve had some large furry birds at the feeder. They are the size of deer, have big ears like deer, hooves like deer, and a bushy tail like a deer. They leave deer prints, too. I wonder what kind of bird it is? ; )

  • Heading for spring

    March 14 and just about all the ice huts are gone from the Retreat meadows. There are still a few people out ice fishing, though.

    Someone new own the jeep/etc dealership across from Agway? New temporary banner sign is hung.

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