Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting

I’ve started a thread here for Representatives and others to share what went down at RTM this year.

What was the tone? How long did it last? What were the big discussions? Anything we need to know?

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  • All the news I feel like printing

    Article 11: RTM Steering Committee disbanded.

    Article 18: Human Services budget approved as recommended.

    Article 19: Human Services budget for FY24 set at 1.4% of FY23 general fund budget.

    Article 22: No substantive discussion (!) of the $20 million budget though Dick DeGray’s motion to cut $500K from the budget was voted down.

    Article 25: Authority for the Selectboard to provide tax stabilization for alternative energy projects was approved but, in other business, RTM resolved that priority should be given to new sites on developed or disturbed land.

    Oh, and yes, a free lunch for next RTM was voted down (this may have been the most time-consuming discussion on the agenda.

    11 3/4 hours excluding a 45 minute lunch break (BYOB) and a few shorter breaks.

    Barrels of fun.

  • Interesting!

    Thank you! Nice to get a 10 minute summary of the full day. : )

  • Heard it on the radio!

    I want to give a shout-out to WVEW for broadcasting RTM on the air, and to John Lightfoot for “moderating” not the meeting, but the broadcast.

    I listened to parts of RTM on Saturday as I drove around running my errands. It was really cool to hear the proceedings, and a great way for the station to serve the community.

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