Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2022

Time once again for an open thread for you to post anything that you’ve noticed around town.

  • Potholes are eating cars.
  • Amy’s had been remodeled and reopened.

What have you noticed?

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  • Williamsville

    Wrong town, but I noticed you need to take a detour to get home. But you will have a new bridge this fall.

    • Around Williamsville

      I consider Williamsville to be “around Brattleboro”… : )

      There is also a new temporary traffic light to slow people down at that bridge for a single lane while racing between Newfane and Dover.

      One interesting thing is that the two routes from the bridge, original and detour, take almost exactly the same amount of time to drive when driving toward Brattleboro. The detour might be a hair quicker on the way in due to the hill on Rt 30.

  • Williamsville Arch Bridge

    I went racing thru Williamsville again today. 🙂 Might be my last day of skiing this year. Had just time enough to notice the bridge is coming down. Renaud has constructed a large, heavy duty steel and wood box below the bridge to catch debris before hitting the water. The deck and much of the gravel material above the arch is removed. Now the arch and walls. Won’t take long.

  • Roads and snow

    I drove into a pothole on Main Street and came back up on Fairview Street today. : ) Also noticed that some road patching has been done on Western Ave.

    Noticed that there is a still a tiny bit of snow at LMP. Not enough to ski all the way down, but a few big patches are left.

  • Buds

    Trees are budding here in West B. And the debris that hid under the snow is everywhere.

  • T'is Spring

    I think it’s officially spring. Lots of things blooming and budding now.

    Anyone see any birds returning? Our phoebes are back.

    The Fix yer Bleeping’ Computer store across from the library seems to have closed.

    The giant vulva returns near Living Memorial Park.




  • couple of things

    McNeills getting some work done on the building.

    I’ve gone through the new intersection at Canal/South Main a few times since the stop sign went in. There’s something weird about having cars stop from only one direction (coming in to town). I see the other stopped cars, and we get a big pedestrian crossing warning but we can race through if heading out of town. I have a feeling this isn’t the end of this one. Nice try, though.

  • One more, post-storm

    I was doing the above list when the thunderstorms came through so I got cut off…

    – The Newfane Flea Market is back under new ownership, starting May 29. Every Sunday, they say.

  • Grillin'

    Top of the Hill Grill has changed generational hands.

  • Some big trucks

    Coming into town from the dump on Putney Rd this morning, I saw a black police vehicle (Weathersfield) with lights on blocking the southbound lane, so I rolled to a stop just in front of Cocoplum. There seemed to be something going on over in the Agway direction but I couldn’t see.

    A few minutes later, a police van pulls out from the Agway direction and blocks the northbound lane. This seems a little weird, especially given all the recent shooting news, but no one seemed that worried.

    About 10 minutes after I stopped, a parade of four “Oversized Load” trucks came out, then two enormous trucks. One said Pike Industries and ASTEC. The other was some sort of tank truck that said Heli and Heat Tec on it.

    The parade of trucks took off northward and the police followed.

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