Selectboard Meeting Notes – Free Ambulance Offer Accepted

selectboard june 21 2022

The Brattleboro Selectboard agreed to the Golden Cross contract addendum of a free 90-day extra staff and ambulance offer, which the Fire Chief explained came at his suggestion.

They also held a first reading about fines and penalties for rental housing violations, heard public comments about cameras, announced a possibility of a downtown police substation, learned about Tri-Park’s current situation, and more.

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  • Preliminaries

    Chair Ian Goodnow – (streaming sound is terrible) I have no remarks tonight.

    Interim Town Manager Patrick Moreland – (????) ….everybody…. (he’s saying something long and important looking. … very excited… the second thing I want to mention is…. also about the… of the …and the Chief… this is what we’re seeing as a potential process…. establish as a part… almost certainly… a big part of that building and so… the system… on the status and what we see ….lastly, let everybody know that the application we submitted for EMS services was approved…

    (No one can hear…)(they fix it)

    Ian – okay, I wonder if we should…

    Patrick – a condensed version. Three times. The town has begun working with APTriton for looking at taking over EMS services by the town. There will be a public meeting. Staff has been talking about a police substation at the Transportation center. Looking into it. And the third item is the application to the state of VT by Golden Cross for ambulance service was approved this afternoon.

    Ian – glad we figured out the tech issues.

    Liz McLoughlin – I want to applaud the Police for looking into the substation. I went on a ride along last week. They work hard on our behalf.

    Jessica Gelter – so glad to have the interpretive monument as well as the historical monument. Proud of it and its correction.

    Liz – we appreciate the work Peter Elwell continued to do on that.

    Daniel Quipp – So much work has gone into that monument. There were three students named that pushed the issue, but it was work over number years and multiple people. So, out of respect, I hop the memorial remains unmolested and unvandalized from this point forward.

    Ian – This is a time for the public to speak. I usually go from the room to the zoom, back and forth.

    Kurt Daims – Hello, heloo. I’m with Brattleboro Common Sense. The comments on the 7th. Elizabeth said and others chimed in that the selectboard has made a priority about climate change, and I don’t think that it is true. They’ve been delaying things. The emergency decoration was swung by Daniel and rejected. Cow Power was delayed for four years, then it was changed to the fossil fuel fund. No use has been made of that fund in the year since it began. The energy coordinator was a neglected position for two years. Then the name got changed again, so this is not a history of the board making a priority , it is a history of changing names and delaying things. And for Patrick, love to have you as town manager, but please put on the town website the last cause of the emergency declaration – RTM wanted everyone to use renewable energy. You haven’t made a priority.

    Ian – thank you very much Kurt.

    Dick Degray – I sent you a text and have requested cameras a month ago, you told me what I should do, I spoke to the Chief, and you said there would be an update. The request was for cameras to be on the agenda.

    Ian – we discussed it, and it is being discussed with the Chief of Police and Town manager’s office, and an agenda item will be ready soon. You request to discuss it was morphed into that discussion, which is also about downtown safety…

    Dick – there was an assault at th Transportation last night, and a parking vehicle was broken into, but Patrick talked about the cameras not in the Transportation Center. If the assault and breakin happened… the reality is we don’t have any cameras down there and they don’t work. People feel very unsafe. Patrick and maybe Liz saw that the town is being plastered with signs for concerts. It’s been going on for a while. Our town is looking like a city. It’s not going to come off. The downtown looks like hell. What establishment is hosting it, and if so, we should be going after them. Maybe Patrick knows….

    Patrick Moreland – you reached out to me and sent me photos of stickers put around town. I know we had a conversation, and you had concerns about a certain business. I can assure you it is not. I don’t know what location is involved, but wanted to get a message to people that we don’t appreciate it.

    Dick – the artists performing did it. It’s something we need to be aware of. We aren’t going to accept this. Two of my baskets were destroyed last week. That’s not why I want cameras. We need a collaborative action plan. There are a lot of bad things going on downtown and around town, and an assault in the transportation center is bad. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

  • Consent Agenda

    A. Re-Appoint Tree Warden – Dan Adams

    B. Fire Department Vehicle – Authorize $46,348 Purchase(s)

    C. Summer Paving – Authorize Additional Cost of $57,800

    So consented 4-0 (Tim Wessel absent tonight)

  • Liquor Commissioners

    Kipling’s Tavern – 1st class and 3rd class liquor license

    Patrick – so, Kiplings is here tonight. They are seeking a 1st and 3rd license. The business has changed hands. Everything checks out.

    Ian – I like to take time to let you talk about your business. I’m excited for the re-opening.

    – opening in September, not changing much. Going to elevate the food a bit, but the vibe won’t change. More local ingredients. Higher end cocktails, perhaps. We’ll have a mocktail menu, too.

    approved 4-0

    Retreat Farm – Outside Consumption Permit

    Patrick – they’d like this to go along with their 1st class license. All okay to approve.

    Jennifer – we are in the process of getting the first class license for this season and will re-apply with the North Farm renovation this fall. This is being used to run the Thirst To Go bar. The Stone Church food truck provides food. There’s gelato. This would cover everything that happens at Retreat Farm with alcohol.

    Degray – ?

    Jennifer – not qualified to answer…I’ll get back to you.

    approved 4-0

    High Thai – 3rd class liquor license

    Patrick – seeking a 3rd class license. Everything has been reviewed and is okay for approval.

    Adam – open since Jan 8 and want to add some extra drinks to the menu. Some cocktails.

    Daniel – I had an enjoyable meal there Friday.

    approved – 4-0

    Vegan and Flex LLC– 1st class liquor license and Outside Consumption Permit

    Patrick – this is a new business at the former 3 Stones facility. Everything checks out and we recommend approval.

    Nicole and Eva – sit down dining, vegan restaurant inclusive to all, plat based-forward. We invite everyone to come eat more healthy. We have things you won’t expect.. Lunch and dinner at first, then brunch later. Hope to open in July. Mimosas on the patio.

    Jess – is there vegan wine and beer?

    Nicole and Eva – yes.

    Ian – nice to see a new restaurant in town.

    approved 4-0

  • Water and Sewer Commissioners - WWTP Fire Alarm – Authorize Purchase and Signal Hill Electric Upgrade – Authorize Purchase

    Dan Tyler – we’re asking for a new fire alarm panel at the WWTP. We had an inspection. The panel is obsolete. Johnson Controls installed in in 2012, and they’d do the new one. We didn’t follow the procurement policy, but this is the best move.

    Liz – anything we need to do to authorize something outside the policy?

    Patrick – just that the board approves of it. There’s no likelihood we’d get a better deal.

    Ian – is the price standard for this or is it inflated?

    Dan Tyler – they didn’t indicate it is inflated. I expect we are seeing some of it.

    Daniel – I’m assuming this is a repair. is there a line in the budget for repairs?

    Dan – yes, equipment and maintenance.

    Approved 4-0

    Signal Hill Electric Upgrade – Authorize Purchase

    Dan Tyler – This is the pump station on signal hill. The design is done. We put it on the priority list to see if there is funding and that has been delayed until July, so we’ll construct in the Spring. This is the electrical service from Guilford St up to the pump station. We want to get this installed and ready to connect in the spring.

    4-0 approved

  • Monthly Finance Report

    Finance Director Kimberly Frost – you got the 11th month financial report. It says where we are regarding the end of the year budget. We are performing significantly better than budget. It’s been a particularly good year. Still waiting for local option tax final quarter. We’re saving on emergency service salaries due to positions being open. Decrease in worker’s comp expense. Our rating went to .7% which is great and unexpected. This are the things I wanted to point out.

    Jessica – last year, when we did budgeting, the issue of advance payments impacted signifantly conversations about the new budget. Will we face the same issue of making lots of prepayments?

    Kimberly – we are aware of that and we’re on high alert and don’t think we’ll have that issue. We know how it happened and we put things in place for it not to happen.

    Daniel – the line for public sanitation in auxiliary service – we used it to pay for temporary public bathrooms, and we haven’t put them out this year and could it be changed?

    Patrick – It could be changed. We struggle with how to keep those facilities clean. When we started we had a partnership that provided the cleaning. That fell to us and that’s a bit off a challenge. We’ve waited and if the board wants us to, we could roll those out. If you want to wait and see we can continue.

    Daniel – my recollection is that we had them because Park Dept was finding man waste in public spaces. That was the initial thing, they do serve a purpose for the general public. At the Common, and there was no bathroom. I’d like to see them back out there.

    Ian – it’s a bit of a stretch that this was warned properly.

    Patrick – you don’t need to warn it, just tell us.

    Liz – staff should look for a service provider that could do that work.

    Ian – so we could put them out without the staff, or we don’t have them out and we wait and see if we can find someone…

    Patrick – if the board just wants a more informed opinion, we could come back with that next meeting?

    Liz – explore the comment of worker’s comp… it’s quite an achievement -the work of every staff member to improve procedures and be healthier with fewer accidents. Staff needs applause for achieving that goal.

    Patrick – especially the safety committee and the membership of the collective bargaining units who bought in. To go from 30% above to almost 30% below is great. A lot of good work by god people.

    Ian – a good example of where we here on the board think about the cost benefit of adding positions. When we add important staff, it saves us money, too.

    Rikki Risatti – are there any intentions to have 24 hour permanent open restrooms with running water, like first world countries have in parks and highways for several decades?

    Ian – nothing currently planned like that.

    Rikki – the port potties are not hygienic and not family friendly.

    Daniel – I agree, they are not ideal…they are helpful to many in the community. When we have the capacity to get back to the question of permanent public bathrooms downtown.

    Dora Bouboulis – one purpose of the River Garden – federal and state money spent – for public bathrooms there. There should be money paid back, since we lost that. Somebody needs to look into that. It’s his time we have public bathrooms downtown.

    Dick Degray – Patrick was being delicate… you mention the rooms and meals and sales tax, what’s the guesstimate of us being over?

    Kimberly – it looks significant.

    Liz – in watching the VT news last Friday night. VT This Week. The rooms and meals taxes are up 21% statewide.

    Kimberly – we wanted a couple of changes in line items. Auxiliary Services – we renamed business promotion, and arts promotion.

    Daniel – I caught a couple other.. Miscellaneous in Carol’s rec budget.

    Ian – maybe Carol could come up with better names we could use them?

    Kimberly – no problem.

    Rikki – I have a comment and questions about town arts fund. Is this labelling to show the tax collection of the town arts fund? I was asking f the town arts fund is going to the people getting $15k annually from tax collection.

    Jess – yes, it is money the town has set aside for arts in the community, and the Windham Arts Council helps us delegate them and they are responsible for who gets funding.

    Rikki – that was because the art committee didn’t want the responsibility. Since then we have new members and we have so many legal obligations to cater to public transparency and the WAC doesn’t have that. They have no rules, they don’t warn meetings or publish meeting notes. That’s $15k from the public’s taxes that isn’t being regulated. I think that is a conflict of interest that needs to be resolved. I hope there is consideration to give the art committee this responsibilities and that budget because the work we are doing with a higher standard of transparency.

    Liz – too soon to change that decision.

    Daniel – I understand Rikki’s point and appreciate it. They recently had an application period, so maybe they should come and speak to their process and we could investigate how it has gone and if we should consider.

    Ian – let’s review the process.

    Dick – how much money is left in that line item… fully expended? Good news.

    Liz – it was part of the same deal with the marketing fund.

    Daniel – it all comes out of the general fund.

    Ian – good. let’s get them and get info and discuss it.

  • EMS Contract – Amend Agreement with Golden Cross

    Ian – so, this is, um.. a little bit different. We need to open a public hearing… oh wait.. I apologize. Item B. The EMS contract.

    Patrick – so, before the board this evening is a potential contract addendum for the ambulance agreement. The board approved a contract starting July 1. That calls for a series of assets to be operating in BFD – two ambulances at Central station, a full-time paramedic, and advanced medical tech for half a day. As part of ongoing conversations, they offered to provide a third ambulance and expand the service for no charge for 90 days. That seemed worthy of your consideration. If you want to continue, after 90 days, it would be $50k a year. If we determine they are unnecessary, we could discontinue without any additional charge. The contract is partially executed by them, and I’m seeking your authorization.

    Daniel – this is sensible and useful and am grateful of the flexibility they have shown as we move with a hybrid ambulances of Golden Cross and Brattleboro EMTs. I’m glad this is happening. I think it is important we’re driven by the data so we’ll see how often… dispatch will give us data how many times we needed a third ambulance. If we need it many times that is something to consider. When we initially considered two ambulances, there was comparison with other towns, and so, Burlington and Brattleboro are different sizes. two seems like enough. I don’t expect we’ll need the third. It’s worth pointing out that these ambulances will set in the middle of town and serve Brattleboro. They won’t leave town unless mutual aid is requested and we can support them. We got the wonderful news the license was approved this afternoon. I’m excited to get to it.

    Liz – there’s this nice letter report from the Fire Department about backup service and maybe the Chief would speak to it. The number of people and vehicles…

    Chief Howard – we’ll have 8 personnel at the fire station able to respond. M-F from 8-5 there will be 12 people there. If we need more, we can call in off duty staff. I strongly feel adding the third ambulance and third person is a safety cushion for us and we’ll see how we’re going. We may come back and say we don’t need that second person for 24 hours just 12.

    Jessica – From the beginning, staff has been engaged in providing so much data on what we need to be able to do this. The original contract addressed that and put us in a comfortable place, and this is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of on the off chance we need it. It should put everyone’s mind at rest. We won’t track success by missed calls, but by how much extra staff and ambulance were underutilized. Grateful we can do it this way, by overdoing the resources. To make everyone so much more comfortable.

    Ian – this is something that will be driven by the data from the fire department and Golden Cross. I’d like the FD be prepared to come back to discuss how it is going and how much we are using these additional services. Keep close contact with the Town manager so we can have the most up to date data for the leadership. This is new and we want to be actively looking at it.

    Chief – we’ll be here in July and we’ll report monthly.

    Ian – thank to you and Dale and Golden Cross.

    Degray – a couple of questions. Does 90 days start on July 1 (yes) so we’d get charged $50k from a year and we get 9 months. A technical question. 9 months is $50k. The question I have long term, if there is some use for the thrid ambulance, we’ll we be dependent on Trident telling us we need more than 2 ambulances some time? What’s the line of demarcation?

    Daniel – I’m excited about how much transparency will be in the resources. When we purchase new vehicles, there’s a discussion of what we need them for. The third ambulance, we probably won’t use, but there will be times. How will we budget it is a good investment? We’ll figure it out together in public. We never really had that transparency before.

    Chief – there will be at least three options. Many options. We’re transporting to BMH. It will be quick to turn around the ambulances.

    Dick – when is the Trident study due back?

    Ian – it depends on us to get them data… about 30 days to get what they need. The estimate, and don’t hold me to it, was three months. It could be more or less.

    Dick – the sooner the Trident study comes back, there won’t be much data on the 3rd ambulance.

    Liz – we’ll have our data but not their analysis

    Dick – which would be good to have.

    Daniel – we’ll be able to decide.

    Bob Oeser – hello, can you hear me? Ok. I’m from Brattleboro. A couple of questions. The 90 day free period is in the contract. The $50k cost after 90 days is in the memo but not in the contract. Is that $50k not written in stone?

    Ian – a good question… Patrick, so Bob Fisher drafted the contract and the price was included, was there a reason?

    Patrick – this was.. we have a partner in Golden Cross and we’ve had lengthy communication with them. They made this offer. They said it would cost annually $50k. I think it would be unexpected to walk that back at this point.

    Daniel – the amendment adds the ambulance and the person for 90 days. If we approve this and we decide we want to keep it, there would be a further amendment.

    Dick – we get the first 90 days free, then there will be a contract – we should do it pro rata and we could terminate at any time. A monthly stipends basis. The first 90 days are free . We’d pay monthly for what we want and can cancel anytime?

    Patrick – this is the free ambulance and a 24 hour EMT for 90 days. We talked about the annual cost – $50k – that would need to be added if useful.

    Ian – Golden Cross has been acting on good faith. We can trust that $50k will be the fee.

    Liz – it could be more or less depending on what we want.

    Bob Oeser – The question will be something that will come out of the statistics are about the third ambulance. Going in, you thought you’d only need 2 ambulances, but now there is an offer for a third. It’s concerning to some that the numbers and resources are justified.. the $75k, the $50k.. they seem to be a bit off the cuff. Was it pegged to certain outcomes?

    Ian – I’ll allow one more follow up question.

    Assistant Fire Chief – we looked at data and looked at dispatch reports. We thought 18% of the time there would be double calls, and less that 2% of the time there would be a triple stack. Those are human lives. As we gain more info, the number is low, but it is a call we want to address.

    Bob – there was a media report that Golden Cross in Rockingham had 40 missed calls. Anyone reach out to them?

    Fire Chief – It’s apples and oranges… thy cover many towns and transport to 4 hospitals so their times are long. If they have two calls at once, they rely on mutual aid. That’s why you are getting that info. Brattleboro is different. 3 ambulances plus staff in addition to our staff. 15 minute trips to BMH. That’s why we feel we are doing what we are doing.

    Bob – the license approved today – was it contingent on the 3rd ambulance?

    Ian – no.

    Kate O’Connor – I’m suspicious that a company would call up and do something for free. I guess they are super nice. Back in April we didn’t need two ambulances because the FD had a vehicle. Will that mean we have 4 vehicles now? And, back in April, the new calls you thought was 350, and now you say 1000, is that why we need another?

    Chief – not sure about the FD vehicle… we’d need two ambulances. The 350 was based on 30% of Rescue Inc calls. We went through the calls, and saw it was really 44%, so we increased it. That’s why we’re in the situation we’re in. Lenny Howard called Golden Cross and asked for a third ambulance. They said they could park a third one here. I want to make sure people in town are …Brattleboro. I’m not trying to hide anything and neither is the selectboard.

    Kate – that’s the answer people wanted to hear – it’s not them calling… I appreciate that answer, saying our town requested this. I appreciate that answer. It’s been presented that Golden Cross presented us this proposal with no rationale.

    Daniel – you said a business offering something for free.. when Golden Cross is transporting them, insurance will pay them what it costs. They will get money for the work that they do. It’s nice that they are being helpful that we have resources. And worth remembering that when that ambulance is moving, there is an expense there that the service is getting money for. As we move down the road, we’ll understand if Brattleboro can take that on, then we’ll receive the income. It will be complicated, but there’s not a lot here for free.

    Liz – I’d like the Chief to clarify – only ambulances transporting people, but FD EMS vehicles can respond the scene.

    Chief Howard – we can send a vehicle to attend while waiting for an ambulance.

    Asst Chief – we have another support vehicle, too.

    Kurt Daims – I’m concerned that we’re committing ourselves to something that will bite us later. We approved a bond for police and fire facilities, and then we had to buy extra real estate to store vehicles. Have we considered where to house them after the transition period? That could be another quarter million.

    Ian – you are moving one step ahead… we have the study just starting and need to evaluate that before we make decisions.

    Chief Howard – the fire station planned for future things that could happen and expansion. We’re in good shape to house the three ambulances.

    Dora – who is staffing the third ambulance… is that Golden Cross or Brattleboro? I want to go back to the question about reaching out to Rockingham… apples to oranges didn’t tell me you reached out to them for their input. If any one of you did a little more research I’d like to hear about it. You all up there said the company said they do this out of the blue. I understand where that’s coming from… you have moving pieces and going back and adding more. That’s how you made it sound. The public.. “how did that happen?” More transparency would be nice. The Rockingham question…

    Chief – the first two ambulances will have one from each of us (FD and GC). We’ll have a chase vehicle as well for a paramedic. The third ambulance will be in West B, the two people working there will respond and off duty staff will come in to take calls after that. I haven’t reached out to Rockingham, but I spoke to Dale about it and he explained it to me and felt comfortable with his response to me.

    VT Lonardo – Michael – I have a question – you said a couple time that max time would be 15 minutes transport time, if two rescues are out on calls and you use the third one, that’s a great idea. My main question, what if the Brattleboro patient doesn’t want to be transported to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital? I was in a motorcycle accident, I would not have chosen to go to Brattleboro. Will you provide transport other than Brattleboro?

    Chief – we’d have to check with the medical folks at emergency room. As a trauma patient we might airlift you to a trauma center. If you just want to say take me somewhere else, you’d need clearance from the emergency room.

    Michael – so if I don’t want BMH, you’ll have to call them?

    Chief – the doctor has to give clearance

    Micheal – I thought you’d have choice.

    Daniel – it is an interesting question. One thing, Rescue has been providing transport to hospitals and between facilities. We won’t be doing transfers.

    Chief – Rescue will transport between.

    contract approved!

    break for 10 minutes…. back at 8:15.

  • VCDP Tri Park Close Out

    Patrick – one requirement for any VCDP funded project there are two public hearings. This is the second, fro the Trick Park master plan.

    Sue Fillion – I’ll start then pass it to Dan. As Patrick mentioned it was a planning grant for the Trip Park Master Plan, to look at the cooperative and relocation of 42 homes at risk for flooding. That plan looked at financials, the capacity, a feasibility study of where to develop. The preferred alternative was to relocate 34 homes within the park, and discussion of an alternative site. We wrapped that up in 2020, Try Park hired developers and began implementation. We planned for waste water. Dan and M&S worked on that.

    Dan – the reimbursement was the receipt to TriPark. The grant’s match was 20% and are now submitting engineering reports. The most recent 30k went to stud the water and sewer at Glen park and Black Mountain park. There was an RFQ, Otter Creek did a proposal. They completed their work, they did surveys, and did a cost estimate. They have technical designs to send out for bidding. TriPark is now applying for grants (ARPA funding) and hope to be constructing this spring.

    Sue – the entire planning effort has been $122k. $40k from the town. The time worked out with ARPA funding and a lot of support from the state. There was debt forgiveness last year at Mountain Home park, and this spring TriPark earned $1.3 million in spending to demolish the maintenance building and create new lots. WE’re really pleased and that there are funding sources. We haven’t done a low moderate income study yet. It is 100 residents, affordable;e housing.

    Dan – Tri_Park has received town support and they appreciate that. The seed money has allowed us to have the due diligence to apply for things like congressionally directed spending, it is materializing in real awards w=hich will impact the speed. The dollars you put in are coming back multiple times over. Your town staff is been very helpful.

    Ian – thank you both.

    Liz – I want to commend everyone including TriPark. I remember Tropical Storm Irene wa the impetus for this work. It is a cooperative, and that’s a benefit to the people themselves. It’s 8% of Brattleboro’s population. They needed this planning work and it was orchestrated superbly and made a lot of benefits to the area.

    Rikki – I should put on my headphones. I’m ignorant about this project – are as many being built as removed?

    Dan – yes – to relocate as many as possible within the park.

    Rikki – paying the same for the new housinG?

    Dan – yes.

    Rikki – thanks!

  • Ordinance Amendment Chapter 8 – First Reading

    Patrick – a first reading about changes to penalties and enforcement and fines for rental housing inspections. The board adopted and established;ished the rental housing inspection program. The language reference fines to be developed. It wasn’t. So, before you this evening is a revised section to reference the new schedule fo fines in 8-55.1. Chuck Kier is here to discuss the program.

    Kier – the fines involve four types of inspections. We do health inspections to the VT code. The second is a presale inspection, required by banks. Fee is $75 flat rate. We want to change that to $125. The third is commercial inspections. We work with Vt Division of Fire Safety for larger buildings. The last thing is rental property inspections. We do a lot of units. That’s an apartment. We charge $75 per unit. This year we’ve invoke $31k and collected $22k.. some is late because some are slow to pay a bill. And sometimes inspections require follow up inspections. A real important part is we’re delayed. There are estimated times. Dues to COVID we got delayed a year and a half. We’re about a year behind. We’re in zone 3, the southern part of the town currently. Often times, there is a convoluted way of getting to enforcement. We try for voluntary enforcement. Most want safe buildings and 1% we struggle with. The schedule of fine will allow an extra step. Currently we build a case over 6 months to a year. That takes time. We hope the fees will shorten that time. Inspection fees mirrors the VT Division of Fire Safety fines. Some are capped lower. These are for the big ticket items that impact life safety.

    Ian – thank you so much. Nice to hear about it more.

    Liz – it provides clarity and transparency to everyone in town.

    Kier – the inspectors do a lot of work and work with the public, especially health inspections.

    Daniel I was curious about uncollected fees… about $10k. With our late payments for taxes there is interest charged… is that applied here?

    patrick – our office recently had a recognition that we’re having trouble collecting fines and fees. Could we make it more convenient. Could inspectors swipe credit cards… make it easier, maybe it will happen quicker. Second, we’re looking at uncollected fees and fines across the board, to have a more organized system. Some things are specified in the law. Some things, we don’t have as strong an ability to collect. We want to work on those items. More convenient and get pour process squared away.

    Ian – you said voluntary enforcement. A landlord can comply and not get a fee?

    Kier – we prefer voluntary compliance. It’s education. About blocking an egress or smoke detectors. The follow ups are to check, and sometimes people don’t get it quite right so we come back a third time.

    Jess – work orders and permit fines – are they required through the planning dept, so they also have a fine? so this is double?

    Kier – you should really have a permit. We work with planning a lot. When we issue a stop work order, it’s me, DFS, and Planning all speaking to the landlord. Our district rep is Patrick Banks. He’s great for us.

    Rikki – Trying to get more regulation of homeowners, not just property mangers. On Canal Street and South main I can smell the mold. Rotten buildings should be condemned and torn down.

    Kier – It’s a complicated answer. If it is privately owned and you are up on taxes, you can live as you want. We have some coming ordinances but if it is owner occupied you can live how you want.

    Rikki – can we upgrade dilapidated building zoning in town?

    Kier – it is more of a Planning question.

    Rikki – any consideration between people choosing to live a certain way vs people with difficulties?

    Kier – we work with Senior Solutions and others to advocate for people. If they are in their right person place and mind they can advocate for themselves.

    Ian – this will be back in Jul for a second reading.

  • Committee Appointments

    Daniel – are we appointing everyone aside from …

    Ian – So, I’m so grateful I can explain this process to the few who have held on. We had interviews for the DRB and there were four applicants and one withdrew. We have three applicants. The board has nominations, then a round robin voting process, until we get a majority vote for the two positions.

    Daniel _ I nominate Tom Moskowksi

    Liz – nominates the two others Michael Averill,

    Micheal – 4-0
    Tom – 1-0
    Nora – 4-0

    Ian – we have a definitive nomination of Michael and Nora. Thanks to all for applying. Could Tom or apply to be one of the alternatives?

    Patrick – I’ll ask and see if he needs to apply again. I now understand the question before – if you want to take action on the uncontested positions, you could… if you want to take action tonight.

    Ian – the only reason was for time… if we can place the uncontested tonight. (reads list)

    Uncontested positions appointed. The Ag Board, Cemetery, Conservation, Energy, Design Review, Honor Roll, Planning, Traffic Safety, Tree Advisory, Rec and Parks, and … weigher of coal? We’ll wait on that. Don’t want to miss any applicants.

    Jess – so many names on this list, and so many still open positions.

    Ian – thanks for volunteering and the time put into committee work.

  • Thanks

    Thanks for reporting, Chris. And thanks to all who are monitoring the GC/BFD situation.

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