Noticed Around Brattleboro – Fall 2022

Time once again to make note of the little things you have noticed around town, not quite worthy of a full story but very qualified for a mention of interest.

What have you noticed?

  • RT 30 paving materials seem to be being accumulated near the Humane Society.
  • New High Street Mural – seems to be coming together…
  • New roadwork for behind the Estey buildings…

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  • the squirrels are furiourly scampering about

    and they’re quite fat right now.

    Also, the foliage is just starting to kick in this week.

  • West Brattleboro

    Vermont Bud Barn was approved for a retail cannabis license. I think they win the first-in-the-area award. Should be open by late October.

    • Vermont Bud Barn

      I saw the article in today’s Reformer and followed up on the link:

      I say suspend the first-in-area award until they put up meaningful contact info: no #, e-mail or physical address is provided. I have no idea what they think they’re winning by playing it coy, but I just find it irritating and thus another reason to keep the black market alive.

  • RT 30 and more

    Work continues along RT 30. Crews have been out digging trenches and putting in some plastic piping.

    That Williamsville bridge is almost done… very close to being able to pave it.

    Theory Wellness plans to open a cannabis store near Label Shopper in the coming weeks, they hope. First-in-area award suspended until someone opens. : ) (Bud barn can have a first-licensed-in-area certificate….)

  • mid Oct

    NECCA circus tent is down for the season.

    High St mural approaches completion.

    St Michael’s is getting some roof work done.

  • outta da pool!

    Pool and Spa store at Frost St seems to be closed, with notices in the window about how to get pool and spa service going forth.

  • Tree-son

    That big old tree on Putney Road across from the the CBD drive thru is being chopped into little bits and taken away. Most of the cut branches, as is often the case, looked absolutely fine with no rot.

    It was probably the biggest and oldest tree along Putney Road.

    The way we treat our oldest living beings says a lot about a community… : )

    • Sad to see the stump

      I remember seeing this tree listed as the largest Silver Maple in the state of Vermont. I cannot find this listing on-line anymore.

  • The cut-through

    The new Depot Rd bridge in Williamsville has opened. You can now get to and from the RT 30 delays more quickly! Quite a few people out enjoying the new bridge today and trying it out.

  • Chris needs you to take some interest and help out

    I notice that easy-to-mention news items are not mentioned by anyone in town. Issues worthy of discussion don’t get a comment.

    Share local news locally. Write where you live.

    Warning: Use it or lose it.

  • New EV charging option

    There are two new electric vehicle charging stations in the shopping plaza where Market 32 (Price Chopper) is. They are on the north side of the dollar store, near Fairview Street. Efficiency Vermont’s name was on them, and “Flo”. (Sorry, I can’t tell you their specs.)

  • Thanks, observers! You cheered me!

    and also…

    Goodwill seems to be setting up a pretty big store next to Staples, where Peebles used to be located. Looks like they will be taking job applications soon. And taking your old stuff at their drop-off.

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