Brattleboro Town Manager Contract Details

Amidst all the hoopla and excitement of a contract with a new Town Manager at the Selectboard meeting Tuesday night, the board neglected to inform the public of any details of the contract.

Here’s your quick overview:

  • $120k salary
  • $5k for transportation
  • 10 sick days
  • 10 vacation days
  • Brattleboro contributes 7% of gross salary to a 457 Plan
  • Can live within 20 minutes of Brattleboro
  • Up to $14k of moving expenses
  • Brattleboro gives the TM a computer, cell phone and software

Pretty sure $120k is a new high for TM salary. I have a recollection of Elwell starting closer to $100k.

I’m intrigued that while the contract states a preference for living in town asap, the 20 minute radius means that Brattleboro’s Town Manager could, in theory, live near Keene, Greenfield, Wilmington, or Townshend.

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