Brattleboro Overnight Parking Ban Reminder

January 19, 2023


As we have had little snowfall this winter and there are storms predicted in the coming days, the Department of Public Works would like to remind everyone that the winter parking ban is in effect.

*Overnight parking is forbidden on all streets in the town of Brattleboro.  

*Vehicles parked for longer than one (1) hour between 11:00pm and 07:00am may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.  

*This ban is in effect even if there is no snow on Town streets.

* Vehicles may be towed at any time if they are hampering snow plowing or snow removal.

Brattleboro has a flashing light system and a signboard program in place to assist citizens in knowing when plowing will be done. A flashing AMBER light designates the need to remove snow from off street lots. A flashing PURPLE light designates the need to remove snow from the streets. Snow removal starts at 11:00pm. During snowstorms vehicles must be parked under cover in the Transportation Center.  As well, DPW will place sign boards around town with notification of pending snow removals. 

If parking is not available in the Transportation Center, overflow parking is allowed in the Preston lot. Vehicles must be out of the Preston lot by 8:00am to allow for plowing of that lot.  

Our teams, who will be working long hours during these storms, thank you in advance for your cooperation as it allows for safe and efficient plowing and snow removal.


Belinda Lashway

Office Manager

Department of Public Works

211 Fairground Rd

Brattleboro, VT 05301

802 254-4255

802 257-2316 fax

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  • Simple

    This is how the overnight parking ban -should- work… a short while before a known storm, the ban goes into effect with a notice like the above. Once the streets are clear, word can be sent to go ahead and park in the streets until the next storm.

    The winter parking ban should be a temporary ban for the duration of the storm and clean up.

    Winter is no longer consistently snowy. Update the parking rules and make it easier for people in apartments and tight spaces!

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