Hotel Pharmacy Going Out of Business Soon!

I just learned this sad fact. Even if it’s been posted here already it’s worth saying again. The insurance system doesn’t support independent pharmacies–they don’t pay Hotel what medications cost, for cryin’ out loud. Hotel’s hung on as long as it could; word is we’ll lose their welcoming downtown presence in about 2 weeks. Many of us support our local vendors and producers. It’s a sorry state of affairs to see any of these businesses go. We’ll miss all the folks who were part of that fabric.

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  • Going Out of Busines


    Do you know of any efforts to support the team there as they leave?

  • ??Support Local Businesses??

    I deeply resent being forced to patronize the chains, and am brainstorming alternatives. After being loyal to the Hotel Pharmacy for decades, I am outraged that they didn’t have enough consideration for their customers to let us know that they will be going out of business sooner, offer much guidance on how to arrange for their prescriptions, or seek community input.
    My brief experience with Rite Aid has been very unpleasant. First of all, when I called, I was unable to get through and speak to a human. I pressed the keys to indicate that I will be picking up today. After waiting on line, I was told that my prescription won’t be ready for 20-30 minutes. When I returned, after waiting on a longer line, they informed me that they were out of what I needed. When I persevered, I was told that if I return in another 20-30 minutes, they can give me a few pills. I chose to return on Monday. Whether they will have my prescription then remains to be seen. Arrrrghhh!

    • Hotel's hands are tied

      As I understand it, conditions of the sale do not allow Hotel Pharmacy to say anything publicly. Which totally stinks from our end *and* their history of caring for us all so well. If Hotel was able to, they would have given us a larger heads-up and that guidance you refer to.

      I’m with you on the major resentment at the chains and now being forced to deal with them. Much as I like dealing with people one-to-one, I’m thinking that getting meds by mail might be a better route.

  • "conditions of sale"?

    Hi MD,
    What do you mean by this? Is the business being sold to another pharmacy or to some other entity?

    • Walgreens

      The client list and any remaining refills will go to Walgreens. You can duck this by choosing another pharmacy via your doctor.
      I wish, if the sale had to happen, that it was tried to have become a worker-owned business.

  • Pharmacy

    I don’t know who or how the sale is happening. But I hope Hotel can get out from under whatever monkey is on their back and clear up their accounts. I wish the team well.

    I googled ‘prescriptions by mail’. Plemty to wade through there.

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