Noticed Around Brattleboro – Winter 2023

Another edition of “Noticed” where you can make note of little things you’ve seen in and around Brattleboro.

  • Retreat Meadows had ice before xmas, but it has warmed up and skaters are being warned to stay off.
  • Theory Wellness opened up.
  • Goodwill opened up.

Add your observations below. (And thanks!)

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  • BTC

    1. The elevator was finally fixed last week due to some effort on my part. It had been out for nearly four months, an egregious violation of the ADA.

    When on the 3rd floor (Elliot Street), the request buttons work but don’t light up. Push the down button and move your ear close to the door. After a few beats you should hear a beep which indiciates the elevator is working. If you push the up button, upon entering the elevator and pushing G and close door the doors will close, open, close and then move downwards. Don’t waste time pushing the up button.

    2. Where Experienced Goods was, the windows are all blocked out on the north side, but there’s a sign for Engelberth Construction.

  • *indicates

    blocked on the _south_ side
    … Construction on the east side

  • Hotel Pharmacy

    Hotel Pharmacy is scheduled to close January 17. It will be sorely missed1

  • No!

    They’ve been my pharmacy forever!

  • January

    Gas prices nearing $3… and dropping below in a spot or two.

    Not a year for ice fishing huts, though some people are ice fishing. Just not hutting.

  • Not sure

    A Vermont Table seems to be taking over the entire first floor of the building they are in on High Street, but maybe that’s just their logo on the facade?

    Standing in line at Hannaford, I noticed the Coinstar kiosk has a screen above it playing advertisements… the one I saw was for My Pillow.

  • Flamingo Diner

    Flamingo Diner’s Facebook page says “Permanently Closed”.

  • The latest ice hut fashion

    The new fashion seems to be ice tents, rather than ice huts. Makes for a quicker getaway when the temperatures stay close to 32….

    … and many seem to just be bringing chairs out to holes. Even quicker getaway if ice melts.

  • Update

    The Falvey pool store on Elliot is relocating, not closing… : )

  • Huts on the Meadow

    Ice fishermen must be getting brave. At least 4 wood huts on the ice this morning when I drove by.

  • Huts on, Huts off

    Today all are back off the ice with two along side of Rt 30. Must be the forecast is for warm.

    • Huts off to you!

      Thanks for hutting this story down… : )

      I saw them on the ice yesterday, so I can confirm that they did, for a moment, exist this year.

    • NOAA Says

      Today’s high will be 48F in beautiful downtown Brattleboro. Pretty warm for the whole week ahead, too.

  • Crickets

    Cricket wireless near hannaford seemed to be having a sign installed today.

  • Hinsdale Bridge Work

    “DATE: FEBRUARY 2023

    TRAFFIC IMPACT: There are no scheduled impacts to traffic at this time, however, motorists on Vermont Route 142 should be aware that construction activities are ongoing along VT 142 approximately 1000′ south of the intersection with New Hampshire Route 119.


    The contractor continues to work on the bridge abutment on the Vermont side. Over the Connecticut River, work has finished on the temporary trestle which allows access to the bridge piers for the contractor’s crews and engineering personnel.

    Pile driving operations will continue at Pier locations 3, 2, and 1 – these are the piers closest to Vermont – and intermittent pounding of diesel pile hammers is anticipated through the Summer of 2023 with Saturday work anticipated.

    Project personnel are finalizing the Traffic Control Plans for June 2023 when VT 142 is scheduled to be closed for 90 days. The location of the closure will be north of the intersection of Royal Road and continue to 28 Vernon Street with access to both being maintained for the duration.


    View of Brattleboro and NH 119 existing

    truss bridge from temporary trestle over CT River.

    Vermont Bridge Abutment work over the winter.


    The Brattleboro, VT to Hinsdale, NH bridge project will replace the existing twin truss bridges on New Hampshire Route 119 over the Connecticut River with a single, new structure approximately 1800′ long. On the Vermont side, the new structure will begin on Vermont Route 142 – about 1000′ south of the current intersection of VT 142 and NH 119. The new configuration will connect to NH 119 in New Hampshire east of the George’s Field Road/NH 119 intersection.


  • Maple bourbon on Main Street.

    Saxton’s Distillery is downtown with a showcase tasting room, moving in to the corner of Elliot and Main.

  • BS&L

    BS&L pulls out of cannabis banking… too difficult and expensive to comply with federal rules, it seems.

  • candidates!

    A healthy number of candidate folk all out in the okay-to-speak-to-people area at the American legion on voting day. Nice to see the competition and choices again, and to see everyone out kissing proverbial babies.

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