Noticed Around Brattleboro – Fall 2023

It’s time for your chance to make note of small things you’ve seen around town recently that might not warrant a full story but are interesting nonetheless. Add your observations below.

  • Rt 30 second course paving ALMOST made it to the finish line during summer, but there was a tiny bit of the final piece of the hill into Newfane that they didn’t quite get to.
  • New comics? store on Main Street near Zephyr.

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  • Sam's leaving town

    VT Digger says Sam’s leaving town at end of lease in the spring. (reasons cited: sales tax in VT; lagging sales)

  • Exit 2 mansion

    This has been going on for a while but no one has mentioned it… the “mansion” by Exit 2 has both fallen into disrepair and is seemingly being cleaned up? or torn down? or redone?

  • The Whetstone Station & brewery is for sale

    A cool $2,499,000 and it’s yours!

  • Rt 30.

    Second pass of paving on Rt 30 is complete end to end. Guardrails, signs, shoulders are still in progress. It is mostly smooth sailing, but amazingly, after all this work, there are a few places along the route that still have noticeable bumps – asphalt layers not quite level.

  • RT 30 Vandals : )

    Someone vandalized all of the RT 30 work. They drove down the middle of the road and scraped away a foot-wide path of asphalt the entire length, except for intersections.

    Just kidding – it’s the rumble strip down the middle, added for your driving safety!

    Brattleboro is getting new sidewalks near Retreat Farm, and Retreat Farm is getting a new roof on a large barn.

  • Motel being taken down

    In West Brattleboro the old “sleep with us’ motel being torn down.
    Noticed several days ago so it may be completely gone by now.

  • Nov 9

    Rt 30 is very almost done, but not quite. They’ve been waiting the final line markings – including cool new bike lanes from Brattleboro to West River Park – and were driving and walking around today scooping up the temporary plastic reflectors. The regular speed limit should be restored almost any moment now.

    Everyone’s Books changing hands…

    Cor stepping down at BCTV…

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