$72,000 Parking Ticket

(And that’s not the worst of it. The judge hinted he could raise it to $170,000.)

On February 14 the Town asked VT Superior Court for a judgement of $72K against a local nonprofit for placing RVs that were used as emergency homeless shelters on private land in Brattleboro.

The Town has effectively evicted the RV shelter, though homeless people are now sheltering in the house of the non-profit Brattleboro Common Sense, which started the shelter in late 2022. The non-profit claims the Town has started to harass them for that. The group spokesman, Kurt Daims, says “We have a good safe project here. See the work we’ve been doing for sixteen years.

Our team is exhausted, forced to work without an attorney against deceptive technical charges since last February. A selectman said the the BCS director is the only person saying there is a housing crisis, and the health board does nothing on the real issue while threatening $4M in fines and maneuvering to take our home.”

See brmse.org

We need donors, helpers and a lawyer.

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