Brattleboro District 3/9 Forum

Brattleboro Residents of District 3/9 are invited to attend the third annual District 3 forum where we will hear your questions and concerns in advance of Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting. The forum, organized by Robert Oeser and David Levenbach, will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church, 161 Western Avenue, at 3 pm on Sunday March 17. For more information, write or call 413.559.1533.

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  • Important part of the process

    Congrats to District 3 for again having a meeting for reps to meet with those they represent. Simple but important.

    All districts should be doing this. (Hey, Charter Change folks… maybe make district meetings required!)

    D3 Challenge – try to double it next year – 2 meetings with reps!

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